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what the heck is the deal with dunkin donuts and hipsters? my brother who is a hipster btw... we were in NYC for a cousin's wedding (from california) and he couldnt stop talking about how he had to stop by dunkin donuts...and its very true he will never step foot in a starbucks and swears by lamill and intelligensia.
i was in starbucks today just finishing up some last min computer work and grab a drink i looked down the right of me in a row were 3 or 4 people all with ibuds plugged into iphones/ipads/laptop etc... all in a row staring at their respective devices. i thought it was quite interesting 
i had the pleasure of sampling the special limited edition detox versions from one of my cousins friends.... and lets just say wow.. ive never really been one to slam on a product, but after i found out how much he paid i felt really bad... i guess not knowing i was somewhat of a headphone nut myself, he was totally trying to sell me on them, but not only that to make things worst he was blasting some of the worst quality mp3s ive ever heard in my life. i think some were...
exactl why i hate this forum!!! i absolutely love my tf10s... and after reading that... pretty much had the same feelings. now its time to hope for that black friday deal! :D   pretty sure i see some UE900s in my future i think paring it with my little RSA dac/amp should be fun!
really wanted to try this product but because of the upcoming iphone 5.. (which i know i will purchase as soon as it is released) i will have to wait and see if Vmoda can/will update the vamp to mate with the new iphone 5!!! cant wait! looks good!!
just wanted to post my appreciation... i love my tf10S ive been slacking and been dying/need to get some chrishimself cables now!!!  
  yea another +1 for usb dec. it will really change the way you experience your amp/headphones now.
very comforting in hearing! i think ill take it step by step... waiting for my CHRISHIMSELF cable!!!! :D    
1. i too thought that burning on mine made a difference...but more from a fitment and seal standpoint ( getting more comfortable in my ear and my ears becoming more accustomed to it ) i am not witnessing those S/T sounds you are describing     2. it runs quite fine w/o any power/amp.... with my RSA PREADATOR it does clean up the bass and that muddy middle that people tend to describe (def not boomy in terms of bass and I'm a bass junkie... just clean and punchy...
i think i first joined this forum to find out more about GRADO HF-1s and SONY MDR R10S... thus i find those the sexiest.... i always thought that darth beyers and other woodied customs w/ beautiful custom silver or clear copper cables looked absolutely amazing.... 
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