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very interesting.. i too do prefer the look of the flatter style cup.. however a deeper chamber would be intersting to compare
i got my grados... sr80s.. they wernt super expensive and there are some mods out there that are easy and i cant wait to make an attempt at some cable jobs.. even add some mini jacks to the cans... +1 for having fun doing some diy stuff... easy stuff being quarter pad mods and headbands..
Quote: Originally Posted by MrMajestic2 Nah, a little burn will only bring him closer to manhood. Unless he gets solder on his manhood which will bring him closer to womanhood. LOOOOOOLLLLL
ive heard up and down entire grado line... except for the big dog.. gs1000... but for the money not in my price range.. and with serious test time going back and forth between all my favorite test songs on my ipod and all headphones i did start to notice change in sound with the higher end 325i.... i figured for the money... quality... and etc... sr80s are my preferred weapon of choice!!!
sr80s and im loving em more and more... now to find a good set of inearphones...
i always used cheaper headphones with all my gadgets... even with my old mini discs and cd players... it wasnt until i finally worked on my car stereo ... i finally realized that needed to up the ante on the headphones..... started off easy... GRADO sr80s... and i did alot of research online before i just got any ol set of cans
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