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Damn I haven't wanted a new headphone in a while !!! I hope they sound good for the price
i bring em with me but barely get to really use them and take advantage of it (open cans)
really reminds me of my brother... i suggested he take denon a shot. of course eying the d2000 in his price range and ended up gettin d5000s and now hes slowly trying to convert everyone he comes across to DENON dxxxx series headphones. 
TF10S! and a super busy coffee shop!!! rocking out to my own concert ftw.
just tested my iphone plugged straight into it and here at a busy coffee shop (using tf10s) i counted the clicks .. it sure is 16 levels... honestly stopped at about 5/6 until i felt like i would really start hurting my ears. but that sounds jsut about perfect... probably would hit 7 if i really wanted to really rock out in my own little world 
Great song !!!I've busted many air guitars rocking out too hard to that one
just was sitting around and was thinking about all of my audio gear that ive owned had loved etc. and the only thing that i keep thinking about that will probably have to be buried with me in my grave is my little portable DAC/AMP by Ray samuels audio. just wondered what other people would pick if they only had the choice to select only ONE piece no matter what it was....  #randomthoughts
if youre one of those guys who care... there is an original grado 1/4 to mini adapter same type of cable and gold terminals you can get to replace the one that was missing. 
yea thats pretty much what im just overall getting from these cans. obviously if they were gods gift to audiophiles there would be some ongoing 100+ page thread about these guys. however the technology and overall design did peak my interest, however the price and sound quality easily have me looking the other way.  
interesting.. i was strolling thru the mall and noticed these in brookstone... couldnt really find much more information on them on headfi besides this thread and one other... was hoping for some other reviews from people. also kinda curious if there was some other type of technologically advanced headphone with all the bells and whistles that actually sound good?
New Posts  All Forums: