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thanks for this.. i have a really short belkin cord that isn't working but i saw a little earlier that just head type connectors may do the trick... ill try that next 
arrghh!!! just got my new iPhone 6 and CCK .. tried connecting it to my RSA PREDATOR and got the dreaded power message.  this cable looks perfect looking for a small solution can anyone link another small cable that works? is it just for bypass or do i still actually have to power the cable as well? thinking of getting a portable power pack to power the hub if thats the case. maybe energizer ?
Thanks for the comparison my stock tf10 cable finally crapped out on me
Hhaaha dammit! I knew I was gonna see this somewhere . The funny thing is I know they sound thin (ima be nice cuz I love mine). But damn they're the only comfortable headphone I can wear while running for a long distance and they stay on and give me music . And I've had just amazing luck with their durability for such a cheap pair. I even have 2 sets one stashed in my glove and one in my gym bag at all times.
Yesterday night at local coffee shop saw a few sets of ibuds. Red beat solos . Silver beat solos . And matte lt grey incase Sonics. I liked the suggestion of someone an may start to try and grab secret pics lol
I guess you can try emilling a few places and trying ur luck ? Worth a shot ?
Same feeling ! I hope that it is actually cheaper! I'd love to carry something sleek long with my phone
Damn I haven't wanted a new headphone in a while !!! I hope they sound good for the price
i bring em with me but barely get to really use them and take advantage of it (open cans)
really reminds me of my brother... i suggested he take denon a shot. of course eying the d2000 in his price range and ended up gettin d5000s and now hes slowly trying to convert everyone he comes across to DENON dxxxx series headphones. 
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