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Wow, some of these builds make me feel like mine is getting long in the tooth or something. At 1.5yrs, I guess that is fitting: Intel Quad-Core Q6600 @ a conservative 3ghz Zalman 9700 CPU cooler Asus P5Q-Pro 4GB Mushkin Redling PC2-8000 WD Black 640gb+ WD Black 1tb Corsair 750hx PSU Diamond Radeon 4870x2 Antec P-182 Case Currently serving my needs very well.
Daft Punk are legendary. Their ideas and execution are top notch. It is sad to see them compared with the likes of new wave electro-trash. They are an inspiration to many, and are always ahead of the curve. Kings of electronic music.
+1 on the Corsair. After using a few other brands, some of them failing on me or just getting weird, I've stuck with Corsair and they are rock-solid.
M3NTAL, The 514 is most like the Nudie "Slim Jim", it is slightly tapered, but has that straight tube leg. The APC New Standard is a sort of update of the 501, except a bit tighter, but the sizes run big. They are way more flattering than a 501, and although not tapered, still fit and wear really well. The APC "Petite Standard" is tapered maybe a bit more than the Slim Jim and 514, but not to obscene levels (Levis 510) and still very wearable.
Definitely A.P.C. New Standard's, Petite Standard's, Nudie Slim Jim's, Levis 510 or 514 for less forgiving situations. Would like to try some Naked & Famous, or Oni's sometime soon.
Just found out about this. Would love to come. I'll bring my HD-650's w/ my DIY Blue Dragon headphone cable. Would have brought my starving student but it needs some repairs and I wouldn't want to damage anyone's phones.
These are now sold.
Bump no.2 , these are now For Sale!
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