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Quote: Originally Posted by gameprey I think the E5's bass boost works very, very well with the 555s -- it sort of "fills in" what's missing (to my ears). However, the 555s do perfectly well unamped. The E5 doesn't hurt, though. My exact feeling
Do you mean the film with elephants? Because if that is the martial arts film that you are talking about I love that movie!
sounds great with mine The hd55s also sound great without it.
The bass boost is quite noticeable for me. Are you saying that you move the slider into the middle?
Milk 9.75 It was a pretty amazing movie (I know I keep rating things @ 9 and above, but I keep seeing amazing movies haha)
Yo, My portable setup is an ipod with an ALO Jumbo Cryo LOD and a fiio e5. The headphones that I use with it are KSC75s I was thinking of going with this pelican case and getting the little foam squares for the interior. If possible I would like to be able to leave everything plugged in exept for my headphones, and I need all of it to fit in the case (headphones too) along with padding. Does anyone know of anything better than the case that I linked to? I need a...
Just watched The Boondocks Saints again 9.5/10
I foresee people hacking the crappy headphones into a cable with a female connector on the end for use of decent headphones. (by chopping off the budds) I do not really get what this chip thing is though.
Just a bunch of Bose today... it was a sad day.
As much as I love my powerfull computers, they are not for everyday use. They are for gaming, and Protein Folding. I am going to buy a netbook the second nvidia ion comes out. I might even buy the desktop version as well. I do not need a lot of power to serf the web, or to write a paper. I think that we need both super powerful computers, and tiny more modest machines. especially with light versions of Linux, even very old machines are very quick. I like xubuntu for...
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