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Luckit released driver v2.24.0
The short RCA cables are made using Supra Trico wire (the core is stranded in case you are wondering) and HGA LOK Silver Point plugs. The long RCA cables are also made with Trico wire but have Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs. Disregard the short one for now.       This picture shows a now yet sleeved RCA to 4-pin XLR adapter, I use it to connect my K240DF's to my Aragon 18k. It is made from braided Mogami w3080 wires, WBT 0114 plugs and a Neutrik NC4FX-BAG silver...
The update is indeed delayed, their web designer is doing his best to get it up on their site by Monday, but it may be added sometime during this weekend.   I'll keep checking once in a while, if you do too, please post here when it appears, if no one else has yet, you may be the first to see it.
It seems the firmware update is delayed for some reason, no words from M2Tech. I guess they went home for the weekend, I hope they have a good one, so they can release it Monday.
M2Tech will officially release the new firmware tomorrow, so keep an eye on their site by then.
He also mentioned a firmware update, just the sort of thing that might fix the problem where the hiFace Two hangs and has to be reconnected, and USB 3.0 problems too.
The graph I shared earlier, was measured off an EMU 0202, so that graph shows an underpowered DF as well. Aren't you just dieing to know what happens to the K250 and DF with the right amp?, as you say your self:     It's hard to predict how the K250 would respond to amping, is there any info about how the K241 behaves out of a weak vs. strong source? my GUESS is that the K250 would be similar in this regard.
x2, vid's impressions has 'underamped' written all over it.
  There is quite a bit DF info spread out around the web, people with different variations of DF's seem to have the same impressions, if the pads are not flat and the screens are in good condition. I have driven my DF's off a H/K PM665 (not so good bass extension, very controlled, not very detailed, poor soundstage, grainy) a Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 HiFi (dull 'inside your head' kind of sound, rolled off at both ends, muffled, bright) a LD mkV (bright sounding, sibilant...
^   I don't think the different variations of DF's sound different from one another, if they did, I'm quite sure we'd have some indications of that by now. Everyone who likes DF's seem to agree on how they sound, pads and screening have a significant impact on the sound though, and they need a rather crazy amp to wake up.   I don't recall if you mentioned what amp you are using for driving these hard to drive 600 Ohm cans?
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