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Yes you'd need a DAC with a SPDIF coax input also.
I understand your point of view.   The best solution I see, is that Thesycon makes a driver that is compatible with XMOS devices in general, rather then force manufacturers though the trouble you describe. Imagine if Intel had the same driver policy as Thesycon ;(   I agree though, it is unfair that a bunch of manufacturers avoid updating their drivers, since it makes people go to the only manufacturer who does, and hacks their drivers.   I would not have known about...
M2Tech doesn't have to be a software company, you can get the latest drivers from the Thesycon website, and mod them to work in a hiFace two, easily, but it makes a bleep sound with regular intervals. The only reason why Luckit is the only vendor who has the latest drivers is because Thesycon, unlike pretty much any other computer hardware manufacturer out there, charges for driver updates, and companies like M2Tech don't want to buy the updates. I'm sure Luckit has...
Try CrunchBang if you want it to be truly light weight, swift on a 10+ year old laptop and full featured at the same time.
I had the same problem, but just managed to find a solution.   It seems that for some reason, ALSA mutes the hiFace, just for kicks and giggles though. So use your favorite ALSA mixer to un-mute the hiFace, then run the following command to save your ALSA config so that you don't have to un-mute the hiFace at every boot, and every time you re-plug it:   sudo alsactl store
Luckit released driver v2.24.0
The short RCA cables are made using Supra Trico wire (the core is stranded in case you are wondering) and HGA LOK Silver Point plugs. The long RCA cables are also made with Trico wire but have Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs. Disregard the short one for now.       This picture shows a now yet sleeved RCA to 4-pin XLR adapter, I use it to connect my K240DF's to my Aragon 18k. It is made from braided Mogami w3080 wires, WBT 0114 plugs and a Neutrik NC4FX-BAG silver...
The update is indeed delayed, their web designer is doing his best to get it up on their site by Monday, but it may be added sometime during this weekend.   I'll keep checking once in a while, if you do too, please post here when it appears, if no one else has yet, you may be the first to see it.
It seems the firmware update is delayed for some reason, no words from M2Tech. I guess they went home for the weekend, I hope they have a good one, so they can release it Monday.
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