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Thank you for the response. I take it for granted, that the latest is also the best sounding.I may take this step now.
Is there an alternative to the small SRM-252s?   I was thinking of buying an L300 alone and the amp I would buy second hand from an European platform. Is this advisable? Or should I just buy the 3100 set?   EDIT: I have a Fostex HP A8 DAC.
 I also asked for a refund. The request is forwarded to the "accountin dept" and they do not know how long it will take, since it is done by that "accounting dpt." Also I lost that 10 %, but I guess this is applies to all Indiegogo campaigns.
So many good things. I am looking forward to it!
 Great. Hopefully he will answer. It really looks great.
So, I am almost there to step into the realm of STAX. It will be either the SRS-2170 or the SRS-3100.   However, there is a thing, that I am interested in.   Is there any news on the SRM212, that is shown in the following video:   It is a year old now.
I am really thinking about getting the new X5 and another 200 gb msd
I think I changed my mind about the full size cards. The real big ones are much more expensive. 512 gb sd cards are too expensive. I got my 200gb micro sd for 60 euro minus 10 euro gift card. I sort of jave the feeling, that the time is over dor the full size sd cards. If we have a chance for such a device, then it should be ssd based.
I wish I had swiss watch. Asking for a refund is nothing bad.On the other hand, at this point of time, I do not believe that I will get a refund.
I guess the x5 has a line out. Is the line out balanced?
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