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How is the Line Out performance compared to other DAPs?
 An App needs the permission READ_PHONE_STATE to know if you are receiving a call or not.
Thats at least 7000 albums.
 So, it seems, that nobody opened a new thread for the impressions. We are not many anyway, so I might as well post my pics here. From my point of view, you missed a Michaels Stax Setup and one of Edgars three headphone samples were outstanding and a lot of other gear, that I only saw :) And most of all you missed a nice afternoon with you fellow head-fiers :)          
It was a nice event, like always. I have a few photos, I will share later.
3360 Euros for th light version. My first car was less than that and acompanied me more than 10 years.Solid Gold in that form would be less, I believ.I am sitting in the train and listening to my ZX1, when your post shocked me. Good god.Btw, the paw5000 looks nice.
The ESW9 are pretty rare these days.
 Please, please do so. The 507 is a question mark for me. I will bring the Grado PS500e and at the moment I have a ZX1 around.
Isn't the BluRay disc also Sony?
 Isn't Sony supporting, or lets say building a consumer market for DSD/SACD at the moment. Sony is one of those companies that can shape a market and create new trends, even though one does not necessarily need it.  My recent experience with high resolution audio made me differentiate between good and bad recordings. For me the most important aspect for the X7 is the capability to decode music properly.
New Posts  All Forums: