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Isn't the BluRay disc also Sony?
 Isn't Sony supporting, or lets say building a consumer market for DSD/SACD at the moment. Sony is one of those companies that can shape a market and create new trends, even though one does not necessarily need it.  My recent experience with high resolution audio made me differentiate between good and bad recordings. For me the most important aspect for the X7 is the capability to decode music properly.
Basically, what you say is, that we should stick to our 16/44 quality for a while, till the DSD stuff has matured technology wise.
Thats mucho dinero. Though its not crazy like the AK380 price tag. This one though can be fed by my sgs3.It is very very beautiful.
First time I hear about DST. Interesting. Fiio offers so many different options right now. With a somewhat semi limited budget it is quite difficult to decide. I am on the verge to sell my discmen and minidisc players, just to have enough monetas to afford all this exciting new stuff.
How much dinero?
Now I feel bad.
It was probably this guy who designed both.
 It looks like everybody is guessing a price.
 Damn. Ur avatar pic.
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