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But, but, but, what about the opamp chip?
What will be the price difference between the exclusive and normal version? I am waiting for sooo long for this Is it possible to get it with a full size sd slot?
That is exactly what I had in mind too.
I most of the time use the AlbumArtDownloader and check the iTunes and Deezer boxes on. They have the most beautiful album art. I never let a program add album art to my rips, because from experience it is often lower quality.
Will you come to the meet on the 17th. I sadly cannot make it.True. As long as pcb design is top notch, any dac will do its job.
Its all about the implementation people... I have the Fostex HPA8 with its akm4399. As a Dac its great, but the headphone amp section could be better.
I am selling my Fiio E12 DIY. It optically in almost new condition. I only used it maybe for 20 hours. The only drawback is the little pin is stuck (that you can see on the photo). It works normally.   I tried to solder LME49990 on one of the empty sockets, but it did not work out... you could desolder it.   I am asking 150€ Shipping and Paypal fees included.   Check out the photos.
I am selling my Sony NW-ZX1. It is in like new condition. Will come with all accessories and box.   I am asking 400 € Shipping und Paypal is included.   Please PM me with questions :)
Will there be any update for the Sony desktop gear? You know, the portable PH-line has already 3 generations.
How does it sound?
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