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 I do not trust Xduoo about bringing out another player. There have been concept arts of other players over the years, but the only player they have released is the X1. On the other hand, it looks interesting. Slightly sony-isch design.
Its the pha-2. The golden ring around the 3.5 mm jack is the indicator.
 Well, I like the progress, but what I do not like is the fact, that I bought the PHA-2 and there is already talk about the PHA-3. When I am ready about to buy the PHA-3, the PHA-4 will be out. However, you are right, the design looks nice.
The sarkasm-meter just exploded.No, I meant the portable high rez department. At least I did not expect Sony to releas a portable headphone amp/dac annualy.
 Wow, cannot believe this. A PHA-3. Sony is taking this High rez thing really serious.
 Indeed, incredibly nice crafted. I love the leds inside. The only thing that does not fit in the picture is the remote control. Pairs very nice with my TH600.
I am unboxing mine in this very moment
Think of all the nice music you will listen to and all the songs you did not listened yet with the HAP-S1.
That could be true. Also one must be motivated to transfer all those albums again... That is time consuming.
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