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Will have to combine it then with the T3
Will this work with the iPod Classic?
Please do full size sd cards for once.
Thank you for the fast response. I was going to buy it, if it were the desktop version.Still, I like the package and the UI. I am just not sure. I did not like the DX90 so much, which I believe has the same DAC. On the other hand it could also be the DX90s amp section, that may have not be my taste...Must think about it
What is the DAC in the FLANG? Is it the desktop version of the ESS9018?   http://www.flang.cn/1-landing-page/
Sadly I have not been drawn. Who could be the lucky guy in Austria, that received one?
 When I said that, I meant from the beginning from FW 1.01. Also I skipped 1.11
 It is faster. I skipped a lot of pages of this thread... have you actually bought a unit?
Thatt is the answer
I must admit, that with every update (1.12) the scrolling speed gets faster.  
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