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 Thank you for the information. It will also be interesting, what processor Fiio will use. Maybe at soe time rockbox ill be possible :)
 Well and it would very much fit with the time table. He posted on the 25th January + 10 months + some delays = it is about time
 Could be true. I would be happy to see a Cirrus Logic DAC inside a X3 and maybe also some other amp-section, without the often used AD-opamps. Seeing how Fiio is progressing with technology and style, it would be only natural to release a next gen X3. I will wait here for any update
 Man I wish to have this player, but Santa does not to spend so much money on me... I have to be happy with socks. Sorry to hear about this Database issue. I am sure Cowon will look into it anyway. I noticed that they even release new firmware for the D3.
Are you sure this is not some kind of hoax? Wouldn't somebody from the Fiio people already dropped the news somewhere else on this forum...
Actually did anyone of you tried  the new firmware 1.26?
 In Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors area IEMs are dominating. There is an explosion of different small manufacturers that provide all sorts of multi ba, hybrid and so on IEMs. People are not anymore into portable headphones.
 If I understand you correctly, the X7 will have swappable amp-boards?
Is there any information what opamps will be used. I would prefer opa627. The Hifi ET MA9 has them implemented and they just sound nice.   I am looking forward to this device!
 How do you like your ESW9LTD? The vocals are so beautiful, but does not beat the ESW11LTD.
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