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I cannot say anything about the Ihifi and the Xduoo, but I can tell you about the CK4+.While I liked the sound very much with the Ath-ESW9. Also there have been some mods for even better sound.If you can avoid it. It has a bad OS. It wont play some high resolution files. No correct tagging. It has only a few buttons for control and those are only okayish quality.Generally it is outdated, you surely have some other options at this pricepoint.
I would like to see the Fiio earbud equivalent to the X7. This would be a hammer.   What I would like to see even more is a Fiio EM3 with Android phone control capabilities (micro, volume control etc.)
 Its this one: http://www.head-fi.org/t/649836/new-unique-melody-triple-dynamic-ciem-announced Back then, when I had the DX50 I built a cable that connected a power bank and a 500gb hdd to the DX50. The cable was ugly, but it worked out. Still I never used it, since it was very impractical.
 If the DX90 is built like the DX50, you may be able to put in a larger battery. I tried the DX90 on a meet in Vienna and the impression was not bad, but it tended towards the dryer side of sound, with my 3DD. However I liked the DX50.
 Nice pics! With what did you replace it?
 Great little player. It is a great treadoff between sound quality and battery time. Just ripped the album :)
Mmmm, the good feeling before you open a new CD and the anxiety before listening to it :)  
 Mucho Dinero.
 Relax. I am sure they will deliver. I do not believe, that there will be much different specs. At this point of time, the hardware must be more or less set. On the other hand, I cannot imagine that it will be delivered in march. If that is not the final prototype, then there is still some stuff left to do.
 Is this the first time that we see a non-render picture?
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