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 Indeed, incredibly nice crafted. I love the leds inside. The only thing that does not fit in the picture is the remote control. Pairs very nice with my TH600.
I am unboxing mine in this very moment
Think of all the nice music you will listen to and all the songs you did not listened yet with the HAP-S1.
That could be true. Also one must be motivated to transfer all those albums again... That is time consuming.
Forgive him for his youthful rudeness.
If you try this again, I would recommend to transfer in 100 Albums steps. I have experienced the same problem with iTunes and ipod classic. The transfer software develops/fills the database. I wanted to put all the music on it, but at some point it crashed and I had to restore the ipod. Later I tried it with batches and it worked. Maybe in that process there is a limit how much data (tags and album art) you can transfer to the HAP-S1 Database. Though the general opinion...
Thank you very much for your response. This kind of answer is the exact thing I was hoping for.I find the Teac to be very interesting.
I ordered a HAP-S1 from a small Online-Shop in Austria, but theay are not responding. Though I am going to pay more for it, I will probably order it from Amazon.   However, does anyone of you have the experience with any Audio Technica headphone on these? Also I have a Fostex TH600.   I am probably going to use this unit for headphones only. Is it wise to buy this one, or is there a better solution for the money.
The name lotoo must come from "loot your bank account".   I find it great, that it has a full site sd-card slot.
HaHaha. The circular cover art is what I meant.I feel bad. Instead of the P1 I ordered a Sony HAP-S1.I am an hypocrite Cowon fan, that betrays Cowon with Sony.
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