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Wow, just beautiful ! Your photography is quite good as well. For some reason I find the 1st and 4th pictures extremely nostalgic and wistful, if only they had these in the parks here.
Coincidentally, I thought the same as you as well regarding the stock silicones, they seem to present things favorably as opposed to the rest of the kit:)
Hmm, even if you order a rush delivery?Speaking of which, it'll be a while before we get our hands on the k3003.
This just in, the red version is indeed a Limited Edition offering. Just like the red fxt90 or the red se535, the price is slightly higher. Marketing really does work. Too bad amazon japan doesn't ship to the u.s.a Reviews look positive thus far, and at the yen equivalent of 55-60$, it's a steal. I think I'm 95 % sure on a pair, anyone know the shipping time of accessory jack?
Come on, you know you want a pair
Ps, for anyone who is interested, get these while they last!
You, sir, get ice cream I shall do that asap.
My god, nothing like a japanese red version to induce some major inner desires. Shakes head at se535*Maybe I should import these from amazon jpn?
Pshhhh, the audio technica es7 silver modded is beautiful.Looks anything but bulky/tanky in real life.In fact, I've got to say I garner 2x the looks from people at the mall.
dt1350 for resolution and transparency es7/esw10 jpn for sheer portable sexiness dt880 pro for monitoring d2000 for at home
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