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It's because he's careful not to offend. He's honestly not a bad guy. Well w.e I feel like I'm defending him haha. I'll let him speak for himself.
Haha guess where muppetface got it from *gesticulate at the video game aficionado*I first heard that in a book, and later on in ^
That's a bummer. Ebay has taught me to always be thorough and meticulous. Though it doesn't stop the occasional international scammer. I'll get my money back, but at the expense of a month of frozen funds in that particular transaction. Do you think a lawyer is necessary?
Funny, I was thinking of the same thing when I read that word.
Point taken, though I still don't believe music is a "troll" haha, he's a pretty serious man.
It points out the hypocrisy and completely irrevent nature of your post. I have nothing against music nor maxvala. Both are respectable headfi'ers. However, I do have a problem when you comment "Ahahaha like a boss" in all caps. This is an intelligent discussion I believe?
Likewise how does this contribute?
I don't see how he was trolling this thread?He was just stating his opinions, as he's certainly entitled to. No offense was meant.
I don't find the lambdas to lack weight or impact as most people believe. There's this sort of misconception or preconception for most people going into stats- that because of their open nature, they can't output the dynamics as a whole. Honestly, I found that Stax have more than enough slam and extension, it sort of grows on you as you listen longer. It's also worth mentioning that power source is important, I found that bass impact and soundstage was diminised with...
Exactly. And for those us of us that have been long enough to know, it's often a problem when you find new members with a post count greater than 1,000 already blindly throwing "absolutes" to people that don't know any better. Is it wise to derail such a thread in the interest of friendly criticism?
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