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Mind your own business, that wasn't even directed towards you. First off, I would accept pictures of your m50 and your setup. If you can't even provide your source or reference, then you don't even have an argument. It also helps to be friendly to people.
Funny, because I'm pretty sure someone up there was spouting false information about the paint chipping off. Well I guess that's laid to rest.  
I only received one cable, go figure. As for the sonic signature, they do indeed sound different from my old black pair. No audio "specialist" working for audio-technica is going to convince me otherwise. I trust my ears more.
Hold on here, what do you mean nothing? You don't even know me. And you're new on this forum, l2accept people who doubt unfounded claims. I don't particular appreciate your attitude either. The first step you're doing wrong is to assume your impressions mean anything without other information. I completely dispute the fact the m50s have recessed mids. Deal with it. That's coming from a stax 507.     
So you bought one as well? It might be helpful to provide what point of reference you're coming from, as well as what your source is. I don't really understand why people keep saying that, maybe people are used to unnaturally upfront lush mids?  
Well my question is where is the proof? Call me a skeptic but I don't like conceding a point without evidence. Which I'm sure you can provide. But keep in mind of confounding variables that affect the final sound reaching our ears, no system of measurement is truly closed. As for "we", it makes it sound like you have a team that does this. True? Interesting nonetheless. But I still don't believe graphs and science can truly describe sound. After all this time every can...
Apparently not a big reason enough for you to sell them.I've got a pair of the limited edition sitting next to my stax, they aren't recessed in the slightest. please do tell me my ears are broken.The mids aren't even recessed on my clip+.Btw measurements don't mean a thing, as you should well-know.
Sorry repost glitch.
Well yeah, I wouldn't say they are the end-all of all budget cans.I think it's become the reverse FOTM effect, people keep pointing out the obvious, it almost becomes more of an issue with the m50's status rather than focusing on the importance- the sound.Yes, they aren't perfect nor technically high-end, but they sure do make a great bargain. All with hints of the infamous audio-technica sound.
New Posts  All Forums: