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They're amazing. Go for those UE wide-bores.
No worries Jacob, It's just a disclaimer for any modded headphones that show up on the classifieds for any potential buyers. I personally believe your price is more than justified. Cheers, and best of luck with your sale. 
As far as selling modded headphones and personal projects goes, please do note that you should not charge over the price for materials + stock headphones. Unless you have contacted an administrator regarding MOT status. Thank you.
I have a good amp and source. And I still think the T90s are amazing for how much they currently run. Much better value than the T1. The T1 certainly is not 50 percent better at twice the price. What amp/source do you drive your T1s with, Flog?
I'm curious where people are pulling numbers like 65-70 percent out from?  95 percent is reasonable, considering there really isn't much improvement when you get to the margins of high-end audio.  Can you really state that there's up to a 30 percent improvement going from the T90s to the T1? I, for one, am not able to make such a bold statement.  I will be happy to respect your opinions though, provided whoever makes such a statement actually provides proof of what...
Hi, I haven't got back to you because they were under offer at that point. Also, I see that you're a new member on here. I usually only sell to people with reliable feedback and background, especially for audio purchases over 500$. Thanks.
The Beyerdynamic T1 is back up for sale! Previous buyers backed out, please shoot me a pm.
The 65-70 percent is just exaggerated. No headphone is that much better when it comes down to great headphones like the T90This is precisely why I put in a disclaimer saying the T1 scales better. On mediocre setups, and not very revealing sources, the T90 does everything the T1 can do to my ears.Also, you stated you've only owned the T1s for the weekend. Probably why. Romance is a pretty thing at first (:And, you no longer own the T90s. Correct?
I wasn't talking about the bass quality. Just that the T90 has more quantity. Both hits hard in terms of impact. Coherency, however, goes to the T1. Both are great in terms of dynamics.
Hmm, soundstage is a hard one. Especially since I no longer have the T90 for a direct comparison with the T1.Both aren't massive in terms of width. Instruments have a tendency to be quite upfront, rather than coming from the background. I found the T90s extended quite deep though.Imaging is noticeably better on the T1. Everything is real, you can feel the texture. However, the T90 is just so musical, you really can just enjoy them.The only real noticeable difference is the...
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