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Do you understand the difference between an AR and a MG?It was a military joke. The point is that there's worse things to complain than the weight of a headphone (1 pound). 
This is my man right here ^ :D
502 grams equals barely a pound over. That's 1/22th of just a SAW.I'm not complaining once again :) 
Like I said, you'll be hard pressed to find any under $800Really, it's a great deal simply based on how much they go for new/MSRP. Beta22 will drive it fine. I'm using a Concero/Herus DAC :D
Or they just wanted to move a few units. Regardless, an amazing deal :D
Well, 6 bills and a half for the HE-6. I really can't complain :PLooks like you have a HD800 as well. Are you content with the HE-4s?
It'll be 800$ plus for sure.
There's more than one. What
Where'd my post go? What the.
AKG 612 comes with a (harder) circular earpads as opposed to the angled ones on the K701/K702. I actually find them less sweaty for extended wear. They do clamp more though.Overall signature is unique for AKG. Think a mixture between K702 Anniversary and K701. Extended treble, solid mid-range, with good amount of bass extension.I think they sound more like Grados with a larger stage to be honest. Imaging is great.
New Posts  All Forums: