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Selling something used for more than retail obviously "dictates" a concern.Also, was curious as to why you raised the price randomly.I don't particular understand why a simple question cannot be answered. If you wish, you can pm me if you don't want the reason public.
Why'd you raise the price?
Currently reserved for a local chap :)
Hi, just wondering if anyways wants a great deal on a brand new, Audio Technica ESW9A. As you can see, this pair is literally new, sitting in the box. I picked up more than one during the day it was on sale.  Paid $139 for each pair, selling this one for only $125. I can of course return them, but I thought someone out there would appreciate these.   *Back up for sale again. 
^ If this continues, it'll just end up being more useless posts and discussion about the reasoning behind the deals thread. Rather than discussion on the deals themselves. Nobody needs to hear about each individual's opinion on how to run things. Everything was fine before. It worked. My wallet is certainly lighter. End discussion on the discussion of deals. On to deals and the discussion of deals.
Meh. I don't mind the discussion and random comments so long as a good deal or two is posted. Now before you guys start flame wars and the complaining, keep in mind that a Deals thread is better than none. So don't ruin it for others. My two cents.
I can literally hear the drivers crinkling as the pads push down against my ears. It's unfortunate because while I like the sound, they're uncomfortable to me.  Probably put them up for a cheap sale, or return them.
Well, just got them today. There's a lot of bass :O  I like the mids, and treble is well-extended. I don't know why people said these lack in bass-quantity.  There seems to be a problem with the clamp, since I wear glasses. Also, there seems to be a phenomenon where there appears to be driver flex with left side using the stock ear-pad.  It's strange, since I never experienced this with any headphones before. 
That awkward moment when I bought mine for $79, and they went down to $69 the next day. 
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