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The way he went about it was probably not the best way. But nowhere did he act in such an impudent manner befitting of your criticism.  If anything, I see more than a little mob mentality going on. Regardless, this topic should be closed. 
Just coming down to help out :) Don't think I posted in this thread yet. Cheers!
I quite agree. Did you notice the pattern of how things shifted towards off-topic?
Glad to see they fit? Though I doubt the design is suitable for the sonic signature of the W1000x.By the way, try to get some time with them in a quiet place. I found they were best enjoyed at night.
For feedback purposes only. 
The Q701 is much warmer with more bass impact than the original K701.And no, they're tuned differently. This is immediately noticeable if you've owned both.
No.Nowhere near.Not even close. Not even in the same realm. But in all seriousness, I would not recommend you the Q701. It's a headphone that I found marketed towards the general consumer, as opposed to the original K701/K702. There's a clear mid-bass hump, and everything is distant, the mids are voiced weirdly.They do improve once modded, but still nowhere near the sound of the HD800s or other flagships. 
Isolation is meh? Really? That's the best you can provide?
You forgot to mention, best of all, you own one.
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