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 I'm sure there's many people just like you who are looking for that "one-step" up.Unfortunately, just as you stated, most of these new generation headphones aren't exactly much of an upgrade per say. Yeah, the HE-6 would be a headphone I could live with and retire on. If it wasn't for the atrocious long-term comfort. I'm not one of those people that like to put a gigantic mitten over my headband for extra cushioning. The most I'll do is upgrade to the Focus Pads.I did end...
I think that discussion is for a different thread. Feel free to ask anyone on here:http://www.head-fi.org/t/692119/the-deals-discussion-thread-read-the-first-post/ Buysonic hides their prices, until you checkout.And it's just a different branch of the main store (SonicElectronix).What they do is up to them, all I know is that you get a good price and a warranty as well :)
 +1Seems like people are trying to call us out for our impressions."Attention" seeking or something.   Beats me.All I know is Buysonic is an authorized reseller of HIFIMAN products.You can confirm it yourself.
 Didn't even know you were on this thread :)Good to see you around. Yeah, that was exactly the point I was trying to make.As if they're justifying the amount of money they spent on a particular headphone.
 Yes.And Buysonic/SonicElectronix is an authorized retailer.I don't get it?
I don't understand.Buysonic is synonymous with SonicElectronix.We established that in the deals thread a while back.You can message them to confirm that you'll get the warranty.
 http://www.hifiman.com/dealers Search: SonicElectronix. Buysonic has always been outstanding to deal with. You haven't seen the HD700 or K812 threads lol.This is fairly civil.   Thanks for the kind words :)I sure hope we didn't get faulty pairs. Anyways, that's a problem that's prevalent a lot.For threads like these, there's an atmosphere where people often don't feel comfortable giving their honest opinions.And I can't blame them.There's a lot of backlash.
 Seeing how not many chimed in: It's a matter of preference in regards to the comparison. If you absolutely adore the HE-500's signature, then I doubt you'll be happy with the HE-560 in comparison. The HE-500 has a much pronounced treble response compared to the HE-560. In terms of overall sound, the HE-500 tends to have more slam, impact, and bass quantity as opposed to the HE-560's softer and more laid-back signature.  The HE-500 is like the HE-6's baby brother. While...
That's an excellent question.But even the facts surrounding the "nanometer" diaphragm are veiled in secrecy.We can safely assume that whatever technology is in the HE-X, is certainly nothing like the HE-K based on listening impressions alone.
 You can shoot me a PM regarding how I think the HE-X compares to the HE-400i or HE-500S.I think any impressions regarding a $499 (Currently $299) vs. $1899 headphone might result in a lot of hurt feelings on this thread    Uh, The HE-400i has significantly more treble than the HE-X. The original HE-400 has even more treble quantity than the HE-400i.I don't really see how a smooth, laid-back phone is anything like the more aggressive sounding HE-400i. The difference...
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