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That's why I spoke up for him.But regardless, everyone is nice and happy now.And more TE-05 impressions are rolling in.Winwin.
Yeah it's different. Much better and resolving to my ears. No comparison. And if anything, the Q701 has the mid-bass hump.
Do you have three pairs lol?
Thanks guys (: I just felt bad for the guy when all he ever did was smile about it and continue to post. But it's good we're getting back to the yummy Fostex
No, it's quite obvious some people are serious about bagging on him.Regardless, think about how the poor dude feels.
Hello! Please post your listing here instead: Thank you.
I don't think you guys should be so critical of someone like mochill. He's a nice guy, even if he comes off as someone who doesn't play by the book. If you don't like him, just ignore him. Not once did I see him retaliating against some of these offensive comments against him. So yes, I do think for once that people need to lay off the head.
Well, he was supposed to meet me up locally. Guess it never happened. Funny thing is he's been online, just not replying. 
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