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[:  Man, I'm kinda glad to be back to portables. After hearing initial impressions from the test units, I can definitely say that this is one IEM I have to hear. @Eric, did you order yours straight from Japan? Or off of ebay as well?
Only units available on ebay? I want to be one of the first to review this.
That's not an IEM lol. And you're bumping an old thread ;)
The W1000x arrives today. Finally something to listen to (: Ps: Is that quote in your signature from Recorder To Randoseru Do?
Hey bud! I miss my eq-5 ):
Hello,  Please re-direct your classified here > Or close this one and post it in the right section :) Cheers. 
They're amazing. Go for those UE wide-bores.
No worries Jacob, It's just a disclaimer for any modded headphones that show up on the classifieds for any potential buyers. I personally believe your price is more than justified. Cheers, and best of luck with your sale. 
As far as selling modded headphones and personal projects goes, please do note that you should not charge over the price for materials + stock headphones. Unless you have contacted an administrator regarding MOT status. Thank you.
I have a good amp and source. And I still think the T90s are amazing for how much they currently run. Much better value than the T1. The T1 certainly is not 50 percent better at twice the price. What amp/source do you drive your T1s with, Flog?
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