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Well. Looks like I'm on the boat. 
Got a RE-400 in excellent condition.  They come with all accessories and ear-tips. Sound is excellent, however, I cannot get a good fit.  First 65 takes them.  Local pickup in So-Cal is also viable. Thanks!
Sold. Thanks.
Good lord, the pm's. I'll get back to everyone after lunch C:
Hello,  I've got a mint condition AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition that I've used for for only a few hours. It was more of an interest purchase to compare them to the K712 I've owned.  I got a great deal on them, so I'm here to pass them on for even less.  Headphones also include a bonus aftermarket cable as shown in the pictures. This is much shorter and convenient than the stock one.  They include the original box, and all accessories. No cosmetic wear, I've...
That's why I spoke up for him.But regardless, everyone is nice and happy now.And more TE-05 impressions are rolling in.Winwin.
Yeah it's different. Much better and resolving to my ears. No comparison. And if anything, the Q701 has the mid-bass hump.
Do you have three pairs lol?
Thanks guys (: I just felt bad for the guy when all he ever did was smile about it and continue to post. But it's good we're getting back to the yummy Fostex
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