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Nope, not for special sales.
Yes! I'd say the HE-400i is overall a better choice than the TH-500RP. PM me for further impressions :)
HE-400i for $299Re-600 for $149HE-560 for $699 These are the like the Black Friday sales.
Glad you're enjoying them! :)
I know you're excited!That's the beauty, the anticipation is half of it ;)
Excited to be second in line for these!   @fleasbaby Let me know when these are headed my way.   @TeamHiFiMAN Are we still instituting the 1-week-rule for the Holidays?
The OP has messaged me, and I'll be corresponding with him!   Anyone else with helpful recommendation, feel free to chime in 
Hey Asr! I definitely might have been guilty of clicking on that picture before you mentioned it ;)
Same here.Especially to see how they compare to the HE-1000.
The KEF speakers are darn good. I've owned the KEF X300a for a year, and have been nothing but impressed with how good they sound. But if I was to upgrade, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the LS50.   Also, the Audeo PFE012 just arrived. They impressed me straight out of the box. Best $35 I've spent. With the grey filters, they sound like a ER4S/CK-10 mix.
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