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Just got mine in the mail.   First thing I saw:   Anyone notice that the inner mesh grille on the ED-X is roughly done/dented in?   @fleasbaby Did you check the bottom of the headphone? It's like the grille has just been thrown in casually. 
Heh. Why not have both?IMO, The only true headphone flagships are the HD800 (Modded), HE-6, HE-1000, Abyss, SR009, and unobtainable ones like the HE90/R10. Recently, I think I'm going to add Ether to the list. Might not be at the top, but it's close enough. Definitely equal to a HD800 stock.
Thanks!Was looking at the wrong color.
Yeah :)Wait until he hears the HE-1000 or the SR009.
 I'm glad you bought them :)They're one of those headphones that really won't do you any wrong. In regards to your questions: 1) Mojo pairs phenomenally with the HE-560. It has enough juice to drive it to adequate volumes. Heck, the Mojo also sounds good with the HD800s. Must be some sort of magic Chord worked.The Mojo is detailed, relatively neutral, and certainly serves as an excellent solution (portable as well) to driving the HE-560 in the office or even at home. 2)...
Thoroughly enjoyed my time with these headphones.   You can find my impressions and a short review here:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-he-560/reviews/14925
That's actually a really good deal if you want to get both the HD600 and DT990!
 Somehow I doubt they'll be shipping a discontinued model.But then again, someone could always contact them for confirmation.
Excellent price. Someone take this!
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