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Hello!   As usual, I have to downsize and literally part ways with most of my audio equipment. I take pride in maintaining all of my headphones; I make sure they stay in the same condition as when I obtained them.  Please message me with any questions.    Shipping is from Los Angeles, California. Via USPS Priority 2-Day.    *I have already heavily discounted all headphones. Please do not ask for any additional discounts. However, I will give priority and possibly a...
Ok, thanks for updating with the headphones :)
Wrong section, please close and re-open at amplification for sale.
It can be used as a stand-alone DAC.
Absolutely. Most of these are in excellent to LNIB condition.And they all range from low prices from 400$ to under...
You can find the HE-500 under 500$ easily. I agree with Sonido.  It's not really a deal, unless it's actually the best "available" price. Or close to it.  Isn't that the whole point of a deal?
^ Helpful. Thanks!
Do you understand the difference between an AR and a MG?It was a military joke. The point is that there's worse things to complain than the weight of a headphone (1 pound). 
This is my man right here ^ :D
502 grams equals barely a pound over. That's 1/22th of just a SAW.I'm not complaining once again :) 
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