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 I hate listening to studio monitors. I guess that's where we differ LOLI'm actually not a huge fan of a sterile and neutral sound signature. For example, the R70x is almost tonally flat. But it's resolution and imaging is mid-fi at best. And it's just not very exciting unfortunately. To me, the emotional aspect the way music is presented is much more important. I've got the ED-X hooked up to the Liquid Crimson as we speak. Side-by-side with the HE-6 and it's like night...
 I hope you thoroughly enjoy them! Ether>>>RS1 :D
ED-X from @fleasbaby   Just to document the chain of custody, and the excellent shipping/communication he provided on his end.   ~ 
Yeah, likewise. I certainly enjoyed the LCD3 and a few other Audeze offerings.But I just can't justify keeping a pair due to the comfort, weight, and skewed tonality (too much bottom end IMO). I barely put up with the HE-6 as it is. The Ether is much more along the lines of my preferred sound signature. I can wear it forever too.
 Hey B-60! That was the second thing I noticed. Is there anyone else with the ED-X that can confirm that the plastic gimbals slide around unevenly? -Pretty sure it's not an intentional design feature, as the left side is much looser than the right side. 
Sure, I'll be happy to take a picture later. I just confirmed with my fellow tour-mates that they shared the same problems.
 Tonally, I wouldn't say they are the best balanced. There seems to be a lack of treble quantity and treble energy, though the extension seems to be there.I can see why people stated that these are slightly-dark sounding. I can definitely hear that.  Good news! I just picked up a HE-6 again.So now I've got the HE-6, HE-1000, and the ED-X sitting next to each other.
Fair enough. Just caught that little bit of information way in the bottom of your review  I also noted that the plastic gimbals are slightly loose on one side. Let's hope that HIFIMAN catches on. PS: Let's hope the original cardboard box makes it out alive. It's already looking plastered with 20 layers of tape haha. Wonder what it'll look like towards the end of the tour.
Glad I'm not the only one. Any reason why it's like this?I'd hardly think it's on purpose. Looks like it hasn't been properly attached.
Just got my pair in.   Will post impressions when I give them ample time.   On a side note:   Anybody notice that the metal grille over the drivers is roughly finished?  Especially towards the bottom edge, it's like the thin grille is bunched up and dented in.   Kind of worrying considering these have only went through one person.
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