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 The Hifimans are meant to be utilized with mobile devices, and generally sound the same out of any setup.I've auditioned the Edition X v1 for 3 weeks, owned the v2 for a few months. Pretty confident in saying they're nowhere near end-game in terms of clarity and resolution.Also, not to detract your setup, but you're running a Modi and a Chinese NFB amp. I was saying in my initial statement that I was utilizing Cavalli amps (Liquid Carbon 2, Crimson, Glass) with the Elear....
Loving my Focal Elears! Probably will publish a review on it.    I've owned an extensive collection of headphones, but have kept the HE-1000 and the SR507 as my main cans.    The Elears are exactly what I imagined them to be. The upper mids and lower treble doesn't bother me at all.  If you've ever owned Focal products, this is typical of their sonic signature.    Overall, the Elear just does things right (holistically). It's not the most detailed, most balanced,...
Boys, this might not apply to all of you.But, it's definitely a deal ! Check out my good friend Matthew, who's volunteering to give away a $50 gift via B&H. We are doing two winners! Hurry before winners are picked.  [[SPOILER]]
Bump!!!   We need more of you guys to participate.   Shout-out to @punkmanmatthew for his nice gesture.       Everyone is welcome to post. But we're especially looking for those of you that don't have a lot, and maybe could appreciate it the most.   Make sure you fully read the first post!   Cheers, and Happy Holidays!  
Been gone way too long.   But these are on my hit list, since I can't get a damned pair of Qualias to complement my HE-1000s. Pre-ordered.
Well, now that I saw this thread, I'll just reiterate again that I'm glad to have known you over the years!   You've done much more than anyone gives you credit for.   Best of luck with your future endeavors, and keep posting your amazing reviews!  
Hey there I've been gone for a while, just popping back up for some deals. Shure SE846-CL In mint condition. 10/10. Not a scratch on the housing. Will come with all original accessories. Including two carrying cases, extra cable, tips, filter-tool, original box, etc. Only asking $XX9. Shozy Zero Surprisingly capable dynamic IEMs from Shozy. They sound like the RE-600s with a tad more mid-bass. These don't come with any packaging or tips. Mint condition. Audeo PFE...
Looking for the famed Sony Q010-MDR1. Any headband size and any earpad configuration is fine with me. They don't have to be in perfect condition either.   This might be a far shot at this time, but I'll still happily wait for one to pop up.   So if you ever see this ad, and you're thinking of moving your Qualias, I implore you to ring me up!   Best~
 Can't go wrong with the Mojo!You can always get most of your money back if you decide to go a different route.
Checking in! Going to be comparing these to a few other entry IEMs under 100$ and just seeing how well they perform in general.    Thanks to @NLNH
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