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Both have their flaws. But I prefer the HE500 in terms of un-amped listening. The HD700 sounds downright sibilant, and you're really not getting the best out of it.
Glad you like them. My friend irl loved them. So I gave them off to him lol.
I don't know about the Audio-Technica IEMs. Just like most of the Sony's out there, I couldn't handle the strident highs and the signature was far from neutral.  Then again, I haven't tried the IM-03. So of course I won't make any comments about them :) I appreciate the EQ-5. Because it was much more balanced than the Grados using the same technology. And the presentation for vocal trance was absolutely phenomenal.
Before I offend the Hype Gods of the Mikros 90. Let me just say that the comfort of these cans were indeed very poor for us wearing glasses. It was unbearable for me. And overall, I wasn't particular impressed with the sound signature. Dynamics were sluggish. Lacked in speed and transients. Mid-bass hump. And transparency was below average. Where was this "soundstage" and balanced signature people raved about? Just shows that you should always try something for...
I stand by my word. Not just one of these people that have heard a few IEMs and proclaim _ as the best hype. For the price the EQ-5 go for, it's just a steal.  You can always sell them back to me if you do find a pair :)
The EQ-5 is more neutral than the EQ-7. Cheaper from what I can see since the latter is discontinued. And is an improvement in design IMO. The EQ-7 is more romantic, lush, and there's less treble energy. And yes, they really are that good! Especially if you can acquire some nice wide-bore silicone tips.
By far, and having tried just about every universal IEM there is, I can wholeheartedly recommend you the Ortofon EQ-5 for neutrality, transparency, and the likeness to full-size cans.  Honestly, the only IEM I regret selling was the EQ-5, and it truly shined at what it did.  It was the perfect balance of neutrality and engaging, while maintaining a massive sound-stage with pinpoint instrumental positioning.  Vocals are unearthly real. I liked them as much or more than...
Thanks man! It's good to give back to the community when I can. Already got multiple people interested. And planning to meet up with someone tomorrow.
Katun and I have tried to help you adjust your price. If you want to take a hostile attitude, by all means. I don't thread crap. It was a relevant question. People usually lower the price if a headphone doesn't sell. Additionally, I think everyone can see just what kind of attitude you take towards people.
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