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Amazing price. Someone needs to take these and never come back to this site 
Likewise. Thanks for being an awesome person ^.^
  Thanks for confirming! I hope they deal with all these production issues. Once they get it sorted out, it should be fine. For example: My old HE-6 had all sorts of issues. But my new one looks pretty solid, and even the hue is different.
 Well, can't say I'm surprised. In fact, I'm more surprised no one has noticed anything until now. Honestly, I can live with the fact both of my gimbals are loose.It's more of the abysmal state of the grilles on my headphone. Sorry to be the voice of dissent!But for anyone that's paid $1800, you had better get a headphone without all these quality control problems.
That's strange then.Since B-60's video and other impressions have shown they do indeed. I guess this is just another case of HIFIMAN's quality control oversight.
Are you saying that they simply don't move in either direction? As in you can't even push them in?
 I thought you meant headphone studio monitors @.@ I like desktop studio monitors. I currently use a pair of KEF LS50s. They do things headphones can't match! Well I'm glad you enjoyed the HE-6 :) They only seem to scale better with better equipment. Well, treble energy is usually associated with perceived brightness and subsequently more "details" up top (e.g. Sony MDR-SA5000 known as one of the most detailed headphones, with sub-bass roll off)I'm simply referring to the...
 Good impressions! One thing HIFIMAN did accomplish with the ED-X is that it's fairly consistent in the way it sounds with all sources. I guess this fits the whole "high-quality sound for the general public".Though I can't really see someone using a Clip+ or an iPhone to drive these (Admittedly, it does work).Not sure why you wouldn't want to upgrade your source components if you're buying a $1800 headphone. I still think you should save up for the HE-1000! It has the...
 I hate listening to studio monitors. I guess that's where we differ LOLI'm actually not a huge fan of a sterile and neutral sound signature. For example, the R70x is almost tonally flat. But it's resolution and imaging is mid-fi at best. And it's just not very exciting unfortunately. To me, the emotional aspect the way music is presented is much more important. I've got the ED-X hooked up to the Liquid Crimson as we speak. Side-by-side with the HE-6 and it's like night...
New Posts  All Forums: