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 Going to drop by very soon.Can you schedule me in tomorrow? Work schedule sucks for me during the weekdays. 
 My cousin has had over 3 pairs of the RE-600s break on him now: either intermittent strain relief issues, cable issues, or even the drivers failing. I think it's clear that the general consensus is to stay away from the RE-400 and RE-600. The newer models are even less reliable than the old ones. It's clear they have no intention of designing or improving their IEMs any further. Especially when they're making so much profits from their full-size headphones. A pity really,...
 In the sake of maintaining topic: I'm only going to say a brief statement. Some of us have known for years that HIFIMAN has been having "issues". It's only now that a lot of these business practices are being shed to light.Take for instance the review manipulations (Demo units, Reddit Amazon) and shoddy customer service.That and the fact I've noticed that their headphones have even worse build quality than before; I received an abysmal Edition X with cracked grilles the...
Not taking into account of the recent Reddit controversy and the general direction of the company: (And I've been a huge Fang fan from the start: The RE272s, HE-500, RE-ZERO, HE-560, etc.) What's with the price mark-ups for their new headphones? Pretty soon there's going to be headphones all at Abyss levels (niche product, $5000+). And that's not even claiming it's their flagship product. And let me guess, there are people willing to pay for the extra 0.1-0.2% improvement...
By all means, don't let the stock cable stop you guys! Just a minor gripe. Cheaper aftermarket cables are available everywhere due to the 3.5mm configuration on the Elears.
100% agree.Unless you plan on listening to headphones 13 feet across the room, I wouldn't recommend anyone use the stock cable.
The HD6xx is unobtanium atm: in excessive demand, and prices are close to the $300 mark on Ebay from bids.   The HD650 would be a good bet, or pick up an used HD600 for $190~ on the classifieds.
Yeah, driven by the First Watt amps, they're beyond phenomenal.Unfortunately, build quality is typical Hifiman and the headphones weigh as much as a small calf. 
Feedback Purposes Only.
 If I was in Singapore, I would already be on my way to pick one of these up!Pity there's not too many options currently available in the States.Really don't feel like shelling out $2200. 
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