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Sennheiser HD580, SA1K, AD700   SOLD
Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful February.   For those of you that know me, you know how things work.  For those that don't, I come on here time to time to offer some good deals. (I'd like to think)   Please, message me with any questions, I'll be happy to provide pictures and impressions. However, if you wish to buy anything, make sure you specify you want them. I get a lot of messages and it's only fair to everyone if you make it clear you're going to...
Got the X1. No regrets. 5.99 same day shipping (:
Excellent seller.  His prices are great, feel free to inquire!
You are not allowed to sell a headphone for more than how much it cost to obtain them. Not including shipping, fees, etc. The only exception are rare and discontinued headphones that are almost impossible to find. It does not matter about personal opinion, this is simply the rule. It's always been this way on Head-Fi. I think I'd rather prefer the obvious flip attempts over crafty sellers who fish for best offers. Good intentions or bad, best offer is almost always...
Yeah, it's pretty absurd when people are so blatant.
HD700 deal is long past, no point in discussing it. Yes, we get the Koss ESP950 is good, especially once you hook it up to a proper stat amp.   So buy Koss, stop talking about HD700s, and on to more deals?
PFE232= Smooth, Spacious, Customizable. 200 dollars cheaperIE800- Build Quality,V-Shaped Fun, Short Cord. You pick.
I can send you one. Where do you live?
Might want to specify where she bought it. Black friday HD800s were going for 970~.
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