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Well, just got them today. There's a lot of bass :O  I like the mids, and treble is well-extended. I don't know why people said these lack in bass-quantity.  There seems to be a problem with the clamp, since I wear glasses. Also, there seems to be a phenomenon where there appears to be driver flex with left side using the stock ear-pad.  It's strange, since I never experienced this with any headphones before. 
That awkward moment when I bought mine for $79, and they went down to $69 the next day. 
Lol, I can't help but laugh when I read these posts. In a good way :)
Sold. Thanks
Thanks m8/They used to call me Bruce Lee back in pre-k.
This thread. I don't even O.O
Well. Looks like I'm on the boat. 
Got a RE-400 in excellent condition.  They come with all accessories and ear-tips. Sound is excellent, however, I cannot get a good fit.  First 65 takes them.  Local pickup in So-Cal is also viable. Thanks!
Sold. Thanks.
Good lord, the pm's. I'll get back to everyone after lunch C:
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