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LOL It's nice to know one of my pairs are worth at least $3000.  Someone grab the camera! They won't believe me unless I record this.
 LOL, Matt! How many Ethers have you owned  I'm happily loving mine.Just shipped a pair over to my buddy, hopefully I can convince more of my friends to invest in one. On a side note: I brought 5 headphones over to my friend's place for an open house listening session.I'm thoroughly impressed that even to people with 0 audio experience, around 90% of the majority voted the Ethers as the best headphone there.This is in conjunction with the HE-X, HE-6, HE-1000, and...
 Excellent sound for the price.But you'll have to live with the atrocious build quality.The cable kinks essentially out of the box.   Getting harder to find now.But if you don't mind used, there's one for $325~ from Amazon Marketplace.   If you want go ahead and spend money on cables, that's up to you.But don't be surprised if the % of "perceived" sonic quality increase is minuscule compared to upgrading your source components. I don't see any reason to upgrade the...
PM me separately for help :) Also, the Phonak offerings are well under your budget.
@Whitetriton   It's almost time to collect your headphones. Check your Pm's when you get online.
You don't need IEMs anymore with the HE-560s around :) I do recommend the PFE012/PFE232 for a cheaper replacement.Comfortable, open-sounding, and with enough details to keep you happy.
Thanks for this!Let's not get people thinking that the HE-X is anywhere close to replacing the HE-1000.
 Having both.I can easily say that the HE-X does not scale up nearly as well as the HE-1000 does on better equipment.The HE-X... Sounds just about the same as it does on my FiiO X1 as it does on my Chord Hugo/Liquid Crimson.  On the other hand, if you want to spend the majority of your funds on a headphone alone, the HE-X is pretty flexible and will sound good on just about anything.
My listening impressions are coming along.   It's a welcome breather to come back to this thread. So nice and quiet compared to the main HE-X one.   Those guys are absolutely zealous about their new headphones.
Just because people say things, doesn't mean that they are necessarily true. I'll strongly suggest you listen to both of them yourself, then relying so strongly on the opinions of people that "auditioned" headphone "X".   To my ears, the HE-X is nothing like the HD800S, let alone the HD800.They aren't even close to how they portray the music.(I also own the HE-6, HE-1000, Ether, and HD-700 in conjunction. Will be posting comparisons when I publish my review on these.) One...
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