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 Guess we're going to sit tight and wait. But for the price, I'd say it's worth it.  The other option would be to import one from Southeast Asia, which I just don't feel comfortable doing.
 Dang, that's early lolI guess they're just waiting on the new batch.Did you already get the shipping notification? 
All good!I'm just looking forward to the Z1Rs shipping now.We in this together lolCan't wait to unbox them
 Thanks my friend 
Are you guys kidding me? Someone jump on these. One of the nicest guys around, and the HD800 is practically new.
 Yeah, I preferred the open Ethers much more than the closed models.It's almost like night and day.  I still think the original open Ethers are my favorite out of those headphones. 
 You too!Focal is one of the few mainstream high-end speaker companies that I still have confidence in.It's clear they didn't just take a generic driver design and stick a brand on it.  The build quality on all my pairs have been excellent. No paint chipping or driver issues. The only foreseeable problem is that the headband may one day need to be replaced.
 Pretty certain that the issues were only from the demo units and intermittent at best.Focal will definitely reach out and correct it, if anything. My SoCal buddies: at least 4 of them have the Elears on hand without ever having had any problems. I mean, what do I know? I only have three pairs of them myself.  
New Posts  All Forums: