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 You can shoot me a PM regarding how I think the HE-X compares to the HE-400i or HE-500S.I think any impressions regarding a $499 (Currently $299) vs. $1899 headphone might result in a lot of hurt feelings on this thread    Uh, The HE-400i has significantly more treble than the HE-X. The original HE-400 has even more treble quantity than the HE-400i.I don't really see how a smooth, laid-back phone is anything like the more aggressive sounding HE-400i. The difference...
 $1379 not including tax. $2399 HE-1000. Both excellent deals. Email them for updates on stock :)
Thank you, sir! I appreciate the kind words.Though I'm sure there's a few in this thread who want to chase you away with sticks ;) I'll add some new input later on, and update the review.Cheers.  I was using the Mojo with the HE-X and HE-K.Drives the HE-X more than well, and probably better sounding than other setups. I'm not sure if it's that good with the HE-K though. I'd still prefer a full setup.
BuySonic.Recommended.You just need to sign up for their site.   I think you're hearing the same thing many of us also heard.Don't worry, some people are going to be adamant that the HE-X is the best thing since sliced bread. I doubt there's driver discrepancies for production models vs. loaner models. That would be quite a blunder.
 These are surprisingly light weight.I don't know what magic Dan worked, but they just kinda float on your head. It's been mentioned before, but it's 375 grams w/o cable.This is much lighter than other Orthos.  Build quality is absolutely top-notch as well. I love how nice the earpads feel when I first put them on. Though they do get a little bit hot after a while.  Price for an used pair is around $1200-$1300 depending on the seller. Most people are holding on to theirs...
I'm so glad you and Grizzly are here standing by your beliefs.Where on Earth are people hearing this magical HE-X with gobs of details and a black background?Certainly wasn't evident in my pair.
For those of you interested, check out my honest impressions regarding the HE-X.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-edition-x-over-ear-planar-magnetic-headphones/reviews/15012   Sorry to say, these just didn't do it for me.   I'll happily go back to my HE-1000 and Ether  
Well, this is the end of the journey for me.      Just posted my review here:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-edition-x-over-ear-planar-magnetic-headphones/reviews/15012
LOL It's nice to know one of my pairs are worth at least $3000.  Someone grab the camera! They won't believe me unless I record this.
 LOL, Matt! How many Ethers have you owned  I'm happily loving mine.Just shipped a pair over to my buddy, hopefully I can convince more of my friends to invest in one. On a side note: I brought 5 headphones over to my friend's place for an open house listening session.I'm thoroughly impressed that even to people with 0 audio experience, around 90% of the majority voted the Ethers as the best headphone there.This is in conjunction with the HE-X, HE-6, HE-1000, and...
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