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Good deal on these.
Wrong section my friend. Please redirect your classified.
Please redirect thread to appropriate section. This will help you get some more interest! Thanks.
Klipsch S3M for $14. Pretty damn good cheapo IEMs, especially for the price.
And just like that, Sold! Thanks.
Just recently picked up one of these. I was intending to take them with me, but figured it was too much and too hard to take care of. I really wouldnt want to ruin the wooden housing. These are my last IEMs. I would only trade for a CK10 plus cash on my part. That being said, I'm offering these up quite cheap, hoping for a quick sale ASAP. I leave Sunday. Headphones are in excellent condition. Some very slight marks on back. Normal. Can provide pictures if...
Sold. Thanks.
Thanks mate. :D
Hehe I was also lurking like a ninja for quite a bit before.You should of saw me But yeah, I'm involved in the Classifieds a lottttt. Asides from that, more happy to try headphones rather than debate about ones I don't own haha.
This is a one day deal continuing from my larger thread. If you don't know these IEMs, I suggest you do some research. They offer tremendous sound for the money. I challenge and implore you to find a better price. These are the black ones. Excellent condition. Comes with everything. Also, selling Focal XS Book speakers. Price negotiable. Cheers!
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