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 Let me know how you like them.Check out the grilles and tell me I'm not delusional. I hope you guys get a chance to listen to it without too many delays.I know HIFIMAN is having a relocation and orders are currently slow/delayed.
Bump for an excellent headfi'er!
 Read the posting.  "I don't really have a price set for these, so please just send me an offer or trade.No low-balling, I'm not going to sell these for a ridiculous price. Do your research."   Putting up a classified requires me to set a price, so I simply filled in a number. I'm a little hesitant to give them a price because I'll probably just end up giving them away.But if no one takes them within the next few days, I'll just set a price and let them go.
Hello!   I've got a minty pair of the excellent HIFIMAN HE-6 here. This one is only a few months old, with the attractive purplish/black hue metal of the newer production units.   Build quality wise, it's probably the best out of the HE-6s I've previously owned. There are no scratches or chips on the ear-cups, and the headband is like new. Comes with the original cable, and new velour pads. Does not include the box.    Unfortunately, these don't get much use as...
 Excellent impressions! Thanks for the input. PS: I feel bad for those that never got to hear the HD800s on a proper setup. Pity.
 I'm sure there's many people just like you who are looking for that "one-step" up.Unfortunately, just as you stated, most of these new generation headphones aren't exactly much of an upgrade per say. Yeah, the HE-6 would be a headphone I could live with and retire on. If it wasn't for the atrocious long-term comfort. I'm not one of those people that like to put a gigantic mitten over my headband for extra cushioning. The most I'll do is upgrade to the Focus Pads.I did end...
I think that discussion is for a different thread. Feel free to ask anyone on here:http://www.head-fi.org/t/692119/the-deals-discussion-thread-read-the-first-post/ Buysonic hides their prices, until you checkout.And it's just a different branch of the main store (SonicElectronix).What they do is up to them, all I know is that you get a good price and a warranty as well :)
 +1Seems like people are trying to call us out for our impressions."Attention" seeking or something.   Beats me.All I know is Buysonic is an authorized reseller of HIFIMAN products.You can confirm it yourself.
 Didn't even know you were on this thread :)Good to see you around. Yeah, that was exactly the point I was trying to make.As if they're justifying the amount of money they spent on a particular headphone.
 Yes.And Buysonic/SonicElectronix is an authorized retailer.I don't get it?
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