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My beautiful pair of HIFIMAN HE-1000s are going up for sale.I've just recently picked up a v2, and some other equipment. I've kept these stored in perfect condition when not being listened to.-Earpads are like new, with no wear at all.-No QC issues, the metal on this pair is very well done.-Overall condition is 9.5/10. There is the slightest touch of metal-on-metal near the swivel point (0.1mm). You can barely see it on one of the pictures.-Comes with all original...
Great price! Love your pics as always. Someone pick these up ASAP.
Really might want to post pictures of the units (with your name next to it) for reference. Cheers. Best luck with sale~
 PM him please.Note also he's in Europe ;)
Hey there sir, it might help if you moved this to the right section: Sources for Sale / Trade   Cheers
 Well, I can definitely see that the bass (of the Z1R's) might be a tad much for those that prefer theirs light. I just wouldn't use the word "overpowering" lol.  In the grand context, I find the Z1R quite musical and smooth for all genres.Now when compared A/B to the Utopia, you can clearly see that the Z1R doesn't have the same clarity or presence as the open cans (esp. midrange), but that's only fair. The M1s "supposedly" don't measure well at all. And going in for the...
 I found the MHP-1000 to be superior to the M-1s. The Z1R has a lot of sub-bass texture, and moves a lot of air. Never seems to really overpower the music for me.But I can see how it might be too much bass quantity for some people. That being said, I did find both the MHP-1000 and the M1's to have faster and more detailed bass.
Just gave the Z1R an extensive audition.    Pictures, impressions, sources, etc. incoming.   I compared them with the HD800S, Utopias, Ether Flow/C Flow, McIntosh MHP1000, LCD-X/LCD-4, and Dharma D1000.   Very favorable initial thoughts. I think the Z1R competes quite well with the open flagships out there. Above all, they offer an unique sound that strikes the balance between euphonic and detailed. 
 Going to drop by very soon.Can you schedule me in tomorrow? Work schedule sucks for me during the weekdays. 
 My cousin has had over 3 pairs of the RE-600s break on him now: either intermittent strain relief issues, cable issues, or even the drivers failing. I think it's clear that the general consensus is to stay away from the RE-400 and RE-600. The newer models are even less reliable than the old ones. It's clear they have no intention of designing or improving their IEMs any further. Especially when they're making so much profits from their full-size headphones. A pity really,...
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