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You know I love you guys too ^^ Thanks Change, as are you. :)
It wasn't offensive. No hard feelings.I'm more perplexed than anything.Most people would kill for a new $240 HD600, or is that no longer considered a good deal?
The deal will expire from adorama. That's all I'm saying. Whether you think that's a fair price or not, that's completely up to you.For everyone else,245$ is a damned good price for a brand new HD600 with Free shipping.I'm just passing along a deal to someone who doesn't happen to sit on this thread like a hawk.Remind me why I even post on this thread. Sorry to all you "regulars", please crucify me as you see fit.
Who are you referring to? Me or the guy who said he would resell on ebay?I clearly stated I would pass along the deals to people who wouldn't have a chance to grab a pair.I sure hope you're not talking to me.
Picked up a few brand new HD600s.  Will pass them along when the deals expire.
You can solve the channel imbalance issue by replacing both of the filter with aftermarket parts. Just completely remove the stock filters. I think it's more of the fact one of the earpieces is missing the mesh, as opposed to the other side, which gives the impression of unbalance.Then again, I have no idea how far yours has gone haha. It could be that it's close to touching one of the internal crossovers, and that's the reason.Regardless, you might as well experiment and...
Hate to break it to you, but you might be out of luck. It's a weird design flaw but the filter/mesh attached to the dampener pops out easily.If warped or accidentally dislodged by any sharp tool, it'll fall right into the cavity. I've seen quite a few SE535s with debris stuck beyond the tube.Good thing is that there's no effect on the sound signature. And usually it just remains there harmless.You can try using a sewing needle (bend it if necessary) and fish it out, but...
We used to be married you ole foo ): No, but in all honesty, it was just nice seeing an old buddy of mine.
Wrong section :) See http://www.head-fi.org/f/6551/amplification-for-sale-trade
I love you √
New Posts  All Forums: