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 Has been discussed multiple times. They had some issues with earlier production models.Problem has been located, and newer models will no longer have this issue.If anything, time will tell. If you have one of the defective pairs, Focal will go ahead and replace/fix the headphone under warranty.Now if you're not under warranty (Second-hand purchase) you're good to go if purchase date is within 90 days.Otherwise, I suggest you contact Focal directly and ask for service. I...
 Hey there. No need for that, you can just close your own listing manually by scrolling to the original classified and utilizing the button next to where the pictures are. Hope this helps.
 Resurrection! I had bought a brand new SA3000 from Amazon back before they discontinued them.Went on a military tour, came back, and still had the SA3000 waiting on me.Definitely not as much bass as the SA5Ks, but still a wonderfully fast headphone. I accidentally sold it for $99 or so to a local female headfi'er lol.
 Must be all the treble and neutral heads haha. I, like you, didn't find them to have "overblown" bass like others have been saying. They sound just right to my ears. The HE-1000s, for example, have a lot more bass quantity and air (despite being an open headphone) than the Z1Rs.
Just me ;)
My beautiful pair of HIFIMAN HE-1000s are going up for sale.I've just recently picked up a v2, and some other equipment. I've kept these stored in perfect condition when not being listened to.-Earpads are like new, with no wear at all.-No QC issues, the metal on this pair is very well done.-Overall condition is 9.5/10. There is the slightest touch of metal-on-metal near the swivel point (0.1mm). You can barely see it on one of the pictures.-Comes with all original...
Great price! Love your pics as always. Someone pick these up ASAP.
Really might want to post pictures of the units (with your name next to it) for reference. Cheers. Best luck with sale~
 PM him please.Note also he's in Europe ;)
Hey there sir, it might help if you moved this to the right section: Sources for Sale / Trade   Cheers
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