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Thanks for your interest. :)
Hello, I figured it was time I made one of these threads to get rid of some of the headphones I've been accumulating.I'm leaving for another military tour relatively soon, so best idea to hand out some great deals to the community. As with all my classifieds, please contact me with any questions, I will be happy to provide additional photos/impressions.  Due to the high volumes of private messages, please do not ask me to reserve anything. This is unfair to everyone.  I...
Doesn't matter to be honest. If you're curious you can go ask them yourself via PM.Otherwise, it's just become a thread of fish-mongering gossip.
The Assy Mghee has spake.
Drop the receiver, unless you're planning to power a pair of near-field bookshelves. I'm not familiar with that particular model, but based on specs, I wouldn't put my HD700s anywhere near it. Spend the money, buy a nice dac/amp. Or something relatively cheap, that actually pairs well with the HD700s. Like the HRT Microstreamer.  Don't spend 500+ on a headphone, then run them straight out of your mobo. Not worth.
Find a Sennheiser HD580 if you can. Same sound as the 600s, fully modular, and way cheaper. Don't get a HE-500 or any planars in general if you're coming from the fit/comfort of the Senns.  The HE-500 is like wearing an anvil compared to the HD598/HD6xx.
Pretty self-explanatory listing.   I've got a Sony ZX700 in perfect condition, comes with the original box.  No marks or scratches of any kind.  Looking only for $35.  If you're looking for an unique presentation on vocals, these are undoubtedly one of the best under $100.   Sony XBA-3  Excellent 9/10 condition. Comes with the hybrid ear-tips/manual. No packaging. Looking only for $50 Nothing to say about this, except it's quite honestly a steal.   Philips...
Both have their flaws. But I prefer the HE500 in terms of un-amped listening. The HD700 sounds downright sibilant, and you're really not getting the best out of it.
Glad you like them. My friend irl loved them. So I gave them off to him lol.
I don't know about the Audio-Technica IEMs. Just like most of the Sony's out there, I couldn't handle the strident highs and the signature was far from neutral.  Then again, I haven't tried the IM-03. So of course I won't make any comments about them :) I appreciate the EQ-5. Because it was much more balanced than the Grados using the same technology. And the presentation for vocal trance was absolutely phenomenal.
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