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You know your women loves you when she buys you IEMs and "cans".Oops, I meant woman
That's my intention ^^Rewind to 99$ TF-10s. Received around 150 Pm's in a day when I offered them at the same price for people that missed it.
Haha, no worries.Yeah well, the MSRP is simply the suggested price. It's required to be there, but of course the discretion is left up to Amazon in this case. Speaking of which, Amazon is a bit of an anomaly. For the love of god, no one can figure out how exactly they set prices. We can assume that there are times when they manually intervene, but for the most part the prices fluctuate through algorithms based on available inventory and stock from affliates.But in the end,...
My point is that you wanted me to "stock up" and "resell".Those are pretty suggestive words in the business world
Why would I buy up stock to resell? I'm confused.Pretty bad word choice when I have never had any intentions of making any money on head-fi. Period.And I'm literally making nothing anyways by offering the same deal (sometimes less even).Also, manufacturers set the retail price threshold. Not the retailers. There's regulations and liabilities they have to follow -not only in their own interest- but to continue dealing with said manufacturer. And for a giant like Sennheiser,...
 Companies aren't allowed to set their own prices for Sennheiser models, otherwise they get into deep water. It's been like that for years and years.Nothing changed when they released the HD700, and there's been hundreds of sales from Black Friday and what-not. Conjecture is moot. Of course, it would be nice if the starting prices actually dropped from retailers. But knowing Sennheiser, not likely.
Sir. Please, release my body.<3
You know I love you guys too ^^ Thanks Change, as are you. :)
It wasn't offensive. No hard feelings.I'm more perplexed than anything.Most people would kill for a new $240 HD600, or is that no longer considered a good deal?
The deal will expire from adorama. That's all I'm saying. Whether you think that's a fair price or not, that's completely up to you.For everyone else,245$ is a damned good price for a brand new HD600 with Free shipping.I'm just passing along a deal to someone who doesn't happen to sit on this thread like a hawk.Remind me why I even post on this thread. Sorry to all you "regulars", please crucify me as you see fit.
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