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There's more than one. What
Where'd my post go? What the.
AKG 612 comes with a (harder) circular earpads as opposed to the angled ones on the K701/K702. I actually find them less sweaty for extended wear. They do clamp more though.Overall signature is unique for AKG. Think a mixture between K702 Anniversary and K701. Extended treble, solid mid-range, with good amount of bass extension.I think they sound more like Grados with a larger stage to be honest. Imaging is great.
Please, move this to the right section.
I already replied back to that. Package only. The Q701 is Sold. HD700 Pending. T90 Sold. CK-10 Pending.
Q701, T1, and HD700 Pending. Just waiting on confirmation.
Recently, I picked up a few headphones while in Ft. Hood, Texas. Now that I'm back home for a bit, I've decided to let these ones go.    Shipping from California, via USPS Priority.  Pm all questions to me. Additional pictures upon request.   Due to the past nature of my listings, I cannot hold any headphones for anyone. Nor will I accept negotiations for a lower price. I believe it's more than fair for everyone.   Beyerdynamic T90:  No chips, scratches,...
Do you own one? How do you like them?
Well put.As I have said multiple times. What belongs in the classifieds, stays in the classifieds.It is a privilege we are given. Please do not use this thread for advertisement purposes, even if it is for others.
Good deal on these.
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