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^ It's amazing how well people like these.
Forgot to add. First come, first serve. Due to the amount of messages I receive, please let me know if you want them.
Hello! I have a brand new Sennheiser HD700 that was purchased from Magnolia Audio. I do not plan to use it, therefore I'll pass it on. I'm selling at a noticeable loss from my wallet, please do not ask for any lower prices. The unit is mint. Buy with assurance from me as always. Send me any questions. Including pictures if you need them. I ship via Priority USPS. Fees are negotiable.
This guy is a legend. Please someone take these off his hands.
This is a ridiculous deal. I've seen his gear, they're in great condition. Someone needs to pick these up!
Hello Edward, Please move this listing to the correct category. This is only for headphones. Thanks.
Good guy. Appreciated.I don't need it myself :)
The headphones are in excellent condition. Definitely a steal.
Did you really make new accounts to post that...
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