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Introduction and Purpose:     Throughout the forums, (esp. dedicated headphone threads) there’s a good amount of source/amp discussion regarding which gear matches well with whichever headphone in question. Recently, I’ve seen a good amount of recommendations for a few popular products that are mentioned repetitively.   For the average budget-minded audiophile, the headphone is the most important part of their equipment. After investing heavily on the headphone of...
I think you'll be more than happy with the upgrade to the Ether. I personally owned 5 pairs of the HD700s over the years, and I can definitely appreciate the significant improvements the Ether offers. I wouldnt say the Ether is on the warmer side, but in comparison to Sennheiser phones--they are definitely more neutral and easy on the ears. The Ether is absolutely phenomenal with bass. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the presence of sub-bass and the...
He's referring to the fact HIFIMAN were deleting posts on their sub-forum.
+1   Seconded.   Sounds like a good idea 
 It only gets better :)You'll find yourself reaching for them whenever you get an opportunity.
I sent this guy a casual PM one day:And now we're going to go hike Mt. Everest together
 Who told you off?Shame on them. On the other hand, your avatar conveys your message nicely. FeelsBadMan 
 I've already updated it.Thanks.
 Let me know how you like them.Check out the grilles and tell me I'm not delusional. I hope you guys get a chance to listen to it without too many delays.I know HIFIMAN is having a relocation and orders are currently slow/delayed.
Bump for an excellent headfi'er!
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