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Price dropped. Someone take them :)
Self-explanatory. I bought them intending to use them, but I need the money elsewhere. Passing the deal on.   Looking for a fast sale. Everything is included. Original packaging and all accessories. Earphones are in Mint condition. No flaws or anything wrong, they are new-in-box.   These include a 2 year warranty still unclaimed. If interested, please contact me so I can explain how to claim it.    Shipping is via USPS Priority. I'm asking the standard shipping...
YGPM my friend (:
Yes, but I work in law enforcement. I'll leave that to your imagination.
Very regretfully I'm putting up my favorite closed headphone. I really can't justify having it around when I'm barely at home.    I've take the liberty of making sure the headphones look great for the next owner. The ear-pads, headband, etc. are all in perfect condition.   Essentially the headphones are mint, with the exception of a slight mark on the left ear cup. Which is reflected in the price.   These come with a custom 3 feet...
That HD700 deal though. I hope we don't see a bunch of people trying to flip it on ebay ^^
Great website.  You're supposed to keep it on the dl :)
Thanks man, your kind words are much appreciated.I hope someone picks the last pair up.
Now available for 235$ Final price drop.
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