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In mint condition with warranty. Comes in original box and short USB cable.  PM me if you want pictures. 
Would you send me a PM next time?Let me ask you, have you tried the Herus and Microstreamer side by side?If not, you really shouldn't be making any statements. First, the price of the Microstreamer is 169.95 on amazon, regularly 190. The Herus is listed as $350, but in actuality you can obtain one for 2 stacks or so. I got mine for 2--In the world of DACs and Amps, that's pretty insignificant in terms of pricing. But your mileage may vary. So ok, I retract my statement of...
I see no real point in purchasing the Microstreamer, as the Herus Resonessence can do everything so much better for for a few more dollars :) I've had both side-by-side, difference was night and day in favor of the Herus.
 They're a real store in Fukuoka, Japan. I've been there before. Don't think they'll scam you to be honest lol
Can't tell you really ): All my brothers kinda just drifted away.
219 feedback with 100 percent isn't much?Seems legit.
Anyone seen the Shure SE215 Limited Edition here:   Seems to be a good deal.
Sennheiser HD580, SA1K, AD700   SOLD
Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful February.   For those of you that know me, you know how things work.  For those that don't, I come on here time to time to offer some good deals. (I'd like to think)   Please, message me with any questions, I'll be happy to provide pictures and impressions. However, if you wish to buy anything, make sure you specify you want them. I get a lot of messages and it's only fair to everyone if you make it clear you're going to...
Got the X1. No regrets. 5.99 same day shipping (:
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