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 Can't go wrong with the Mojo!You can always get most of your money back if you decide to go a different route.
Checking in! Going to be comparing these to a few other entry IEMs under 100$ and just seeing how well they perform in general.    Thanks to @NLNH
 Thanks for the clarification! These are the indeed the open, as I do not wish to part with my closed just yet :)
Tentatively putting these up for sale.   Headphones themselves are in immaculate condition. Truly 10/10 exterior. They come with the carrying case, original box, and an extra, white carrying-pouch for the cable.   Here's the good part, you also get: 1x DUM XLR Cable 1x DUM 3.5mm Cable 1x SE 1/4th Cable   All three cables are directly from MrSpeakers. The DUM cables alone would cost you $100 extra each if you swapped in the standard cable.   Buy with assurance...
 Hey!Are you asking for suggestions for headphones with the Concero HP?  Feel free to PM me with your requirements. Best.
 I'm in the process of testing it right now!I was in correspondence with iFi regarding the new update, and I believe that there really might be some magic behind this. I'll message you with any noticeable differences from the original firmware :)
 I went and took a look at the original thread.Seems like there's an equal amount of users reporting that 5.1 > 5.0 as well as users experiencing problem (mainly related to noises).    On the subject of flagships, I just want to point out that you can indeed use the Micro iDSD in conjunction with planars such as the HE-6, HE-1000, Ethers, etc. The Mojo, however, isn't a great match.  So keep that in mind, in case you decide to go that route. I found the Mojo synergized...
 For the sake of context, which planar headphones are you referring to? In general terms, the iDSD is much more suited to driving planars over the Mojo.Think of the Mojo as a refined portable unit, and the iDSD as a workhorse that works with just about anything. 
 Seems like these are the changes they made to the firmware. Major optimisations• All-new XMOS ‘deep-core processes’ software for different behaviour of SPDIF (after XMOS previously modified the USB section).• Enables DSD256 for 48kHz based sample rates up-conversion when using DSD256 in DoP mode.• Fixed issues surrounding DoP standard; including ‘clicks’ when changing tracks and sonic differences to native DSD and other minor bug fixes.• Minor updates/fixes Now how much...
  I support the idea that swapping headphones would give you more of a noticeable upgrade, rather than changing out your Micro iDSD for a Mojo or Concero :)
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