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 Considering the store doesn't have very good online reviews, and the fact they're liquidizing... I called in earlier and the lady was probably the rudest person I had ever had the pleasure to speak with. Glad she transferred me to the manager.  Do inquire about specifics with them.Since cosmetic flaws are different with each item listed. They also ship outside of New York within the CONUS.
They only accept credit/debit card over the phone. Manager stated all prices listed online are for used/demo units.
The Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable consists of 32 AWG 7/40 conductors which have been individually insulated and twisted using Litz construction. Litz construction increases the pliability, as well as eliminates triboelectric noise within the cable and improves upon mechanical damping. In order to accommodate the added durability demanded from headphone cables, Nordost has included an Aramid fiber strength member to the construction of this cable. Integrating Aramid fibers...
 I highly recommend the Focal Listens. This is coming from someone who also has the Focal Utopias and other TOTL flagships. They represent some of the best value, are are a clear improvement over the original Spirit line. I also have the HD6xx right next to them.
Wow. Great deal. 
I have a brand new NIB sealed pair of the Utopias.   These have never been opened before, and are as new from manufacturer.   MSRP is $3999 + tax, I'm only asking $3xxx for a quick sale. Note: These are not open-box or used whatsoever. So please do not message me asking for a lower offer on a NIB pair.   Includes 5 year warranty, PM me with any questions.   I have decided to go down the route of picking up a pair of the Qualias. And I can't justify keeping both...
 Remember friends :)Keep the discussion to PM, as one of the updated rules to the classifieds. Cheers, and best luck with sale.
Hey there sir, might have better luck closing this thread and moving it to Sources For Sale:   Cheers.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.He's genuinely a nice guy, and takes a lot of time to share his impressions with the community.He's never been a sell-out at least, and whether you agree with him regarding his opinions is no reason to bag on the poor dude.I've been seeing a lot of hate from many different threads, going so far to generalize supporters of Tyll as zealots.No one is forced to agree with his thoughts, certainly one can choose to reserve...
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