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The biggest problem with the Turbines is definitely the cable / the jack. I've owed the MTs for a few years now and I've gone through at least 5+ RMAs with Monster (their customer service is great though; I get my replacement with 2 - 3 weeks after dropping it off at their HQ). Even with the utmost care, the MT seems to fall apart. The most common problem for me is the cabling; sometimes it would rip / tear on the external rubber shielding. Sometimes it would be an...
Here you go, sir:
When I was checking out the Klipsch Image One's specs I was hoping it would be noise canceling.. but it turns out from this thread that they're noise isolating. I think I'm going to give them an audition (if I can find them in stores) soon.   On a side note, I'm looking forward to the S5i Rugged! Will there be a S5 rugged without the mic?
This is the first time I heard about MP4Nation; there's some interesting some going on in here.
I'm definitely a basshead, as the Turbines is my daily portable and the Sony XB500 being my daily computer phones.
I have the original Turbines and they're definitely good for the bass lover. My only complaint is the build quality as the cable is a bit too thin and the overall construction is subpar to average. I had to RMA it 5 - 6 times but then again I'm a student who tends to go harsh on his phones. The price isn't bad either, as it can be had for around $120 - $130.
Help me move on?
I also have the original Monster Turbine and I love the sound. I think the sound isolation is awesome, if not perfect since it blocks out most outside noises but not all (for your safety).   Perhaps trying new tips?
When I first tried these @ Best Buy, I thought they were alright in terms of comfort and SQ. After much more testing, I found the comfort to hurt since they felt like they were squeezing my head. Sound wise, I felt the harshness and the overbloated sound. Then I saw the price, and I couldn't justify spending over $100 for these.   I think I get about the same amount of bass from my Sony XB500 and the sound doesn't feel overbloated. And at 1/4 the price of the beats,...
+1 for the XB500. I own a pair and I'm a fellow bass-head. While it's not as intimate as my bass-heavy, Monster Turbine IEMs, the XB500 bass is definitely there. For $50, you can't complain.
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