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Looking to buy the above headphone in excellent working and cosmetic conditions. Given the weak CAD$ and shipping/tax charge, I would only consider seller from within Canada for now.   Thanks
Good article. The part about musical hit it on the nail. I think for computer audio to sounds musical you will have to spend a fortune.
I did try that and it is not good. The dac is maverick tube magic version 1, it is bought for headphone amp but I tried its DAC. Not very good I guess. I also tried a Cambridge dac magic from a friend and did not see too much difference.
Interesting thread. Seems a lot of discussion about bit perfect but I think one thing that is important is jitter. When comparing a standalone cd player with built in DAC and a computer based playback system that consists of squeezebox 3 with external DAC, i find that CD player easily beat the other for me personally, by a large magin. Mind you the cd player I am using is not even a dedicated cd player but a cheap DVD player. The only explanation I have for that is that...
Thanks. I guess what I'm not clear is: if D1 is the pre-amp, then it was feed into the integrated amp, which has its own pre-amp stage. So there are two pre-amp in the chain ?   On the other hand, if I push the direct button, the volume control is by-passed which means that the signal no-longer goes through the pre-amp stage of D1 ? But doe that mean I can't really take advantage of tube output if I do that ?  
Question: I currently use D1 as DAC for a 2 channel speaker system, and connection is like: squeezebox -> D1 -> integrated amp. I push down the "direct" button and use my integrated amp to control volume. Is this the correct way to use D1 as DAC ? I assume I can still take advantage of tube output ? The confusion is that my integrated amp already have a preamp stage, but the output of D1 has been through pre-amp stage as well.
It's been a while since I visited here last time. Now I just got some new speakers and amp and used D1 as DAC. Definitely sounds better than the squeezebox DAC.   Did the opamp rolling for HP output a while back and now I just ordered LM4562 for the DAC output. Will try the tube rolling as well.
Thanks, Mambosenior. That brings me one step closer to a tube amp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mambosenior ... With headphones, it's an eminently worthy partner to my DV 3322 (prefer the DV to the D1 for headphone output) and HD-800. An also very fine-sounding Paradisea 3 (WE tube) has gotten very little attention, so little that I am pondering selling it. The D1 has a larger soundstage (very importatnt to me) than the Paradisea, and doesn't take a back seat to it in SQ. Sinophobes (none here on my couch) needn't worry...
Quote: Originally Posted by ihrm Has anyone here from Canada ordered one of these? Just wondered what kind of shipping fees you paid other than the $20 shipping. From a quick google I've found that DHL isnt too bad with the brokerage fees and such but I just want to make sure. Don't recall any extra charge. I don't think I even paid any tax as Ryan put a low value in custom declare form.
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