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I'll check it out, thanks.
bump, anyone?
Going along with this tip; I find it best to pull gently until you have a big enough gap to fit a fine tip flat head screw driver(precision drivers) small enough to fit between the pins, then use a rolling back and forth motion to pull the pins from the sockets.  This will do both, pull the pins away from the housing, and push down on the housing socket end simultaneously. Hope this helps some of you.
I'm looking for some D7000 wood cups & cable(d5k or d7k).  They must be in excellent condition.  Pm me if you have either or both and want to sell.  I am paypal verified and can provide proof of consistent feedback. Will pay quickly.
You honestly expect to "hear" a difference after this "burn in"?
As promised, here's some pics of the UE custom cables. http://www.head-fi.org/gallery/album/view/id/688869
Thanks for the update, they certainly look well made.  Do they have any memory wire or tubing for the section that goes over and around the ear? It looks like they dont.
If you are looking at the custom IEM cables, then they will both "work".  One has plugs with a sheath(prevents the wires from going in all the way) and the others have the plug wires exposed.  I personally got the ones before sept. with the wires exposed. These cables will fit, but with a bit of force. Using these cables will stretch out the terminal sockets in the headphones so you can't go back to a stock cable (doubt anyone would want to anyway).  Are they worth it?...
Poor seal/fit will kill bass, so make sure they are fitting right.
Good to hear it helped someone else out.
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