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Hello Guys and Gals! I am now a Koss Porta Pro owner for about 3-4 months and I like them alot! I already had 2 pairs. I accidentally damaged the driver of the first pair while I was removing the grill (Kramer mod). My second and current pair is also kramer modded and I like it more than the stock unmodded pair. Well now I feel like I want to upgrade from the Koss Porta Pro, wich I already like, to a more lets call it "professional" pair of headphones. What I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by semaniaci thanks for the great review, i have got them today so they need a burn in, but im really satisfied with their sound. i replaced hd218 and now it is much better semaniaci Can you tell us how the HD 238 compares to the HD 218? Is the HD 238 overall better or does the HD 218 have a few things that are better than the 238 since they are closed or etc..
@ K_19: Great Review! I own the Porta Pro now and my source is a iPhone 3G with OS 3.0.1 too.. would you think the HD 238 is a great improvement over my koss? What is better? a closed HD 228 or a open HD 238 ?? Thanks!
bump, I want to recable too..
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr C Even though porta pros out of the box might sound better, the pro's are a modder's best friend. My sister broke hers last year, so I decided to bring it back to life. Took the drivers out kramer modded them, opened some sony mdr 500 I got from my uni's radio. I took some decent cable and recabled them, even made the cable single sided. ANd the result was quite stunning, even though the porta pros are meant to be semi...
OK I own both now, I just wanted to know which I really like better without all the bias. When I bought the Sennheiser PX 100 I expected them not to be that dark! Here, I really like the clarity of my Porta Pros more. May it be cause I kramer modded them and they already have a good burn in? Who else has expiriences like that?
I say too lets take this mofo down.. He is STILL getting only good feedback at ebay because everyone is scared to lose their money.. what can we do with him?
Quote: Originally Posted by revolink24 Wow the poll has really turned around oh yes it did just because of bumping the thread a little so everyone recognize it..
Could someone explain me wich of the both are better, just technically..
Okay here are pictures of mine: Before the tint: After the tint:
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