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I purchased a pair of IE8s through Ncix. It had 9.99 express shipping, so my iems arrived in 2 days has it for 349.99!
hmm which size for the comply's would u guys recommend if I use large silicone tips from UE?
Hey, how tough is the wire in the cold weather? I notice the wires are really hard when I am outside..will this damage the wire if its in that state for a long period?
Argh.. can't get a good fit wearing the wire straight down...will the complys help a lot with any fit? none of the ear tips seem to give me a good seal.. and the wire over the ear is never secure either.. any tips guys?
whats the best way to wear the IE8s? when I put the wire over my ear it doesn't feel secure and I have to push it inside my ears sometimes... and I am using the largest silicone tips already. Should I purchase the comply tips? or is there another way to wear the iems?
Hey, can some one give me an comparison on the Westone 3s and Sennheiser IE8s? how are they different sound wise/isolation/comfort? not sure if my purchase on the IE8s was a bad choice.. hmm
I am just curious how does everyone wear their IE8s? cause the earhooks dont fit well.. and I am worried about bending the wire over my ears. Do you guys put it in your ears straight down? it feels weird and not tightly secured in the ears like that :S Oh and how much burn in time do I need for the IE8s so they would sound the best? and does it matter what type of music is used? and what kinda ear tips does everyone use for the best seal? I am using the large silicone ones...
hey, would the IE8 cables be damaged if u don't use the ear hooks? because the wires are bending at the top without em. I don't use the hooks because they are not comfortable :/
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