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They're going for $20 a piece on ebay when i ordered a few a couple of weeks ago.
I'd recommend using the L-shaped IEMs (IE8, W3, PFE), than the I-shaped (x10, er-4p\s, SF5p, TF10p) just because the flat part will spread the pressure evenly on your ears (and also the pillow) and not force the IEMs to go further into your ear. ER-4P can drill quite deep, uncomfortably so... Q-Jays are okay though, just because they're so small. PS: I've own(ed) the above mentioned IEMs. Not pulling this out of my you know what. PPS: Or you can ask Nikongod about...
Aye.. PX100\200.. Jays C-Jays.. ATH-ESW9\10 comes to mind
Quote: Originally Posted by n3rdling It'd be cool if there was some sort of "credit" system, where users would get credits from other members for having a valuable post. From there you'd be able to spend credits towards certain actions, like starting a topic or a FS thread. You could also get rid of post counts and display the user's credit score; this would be helpful for those that want to weigh the advice given from certain posters... Are you...
Y'all are looking at it from the technical pov.. which isn't wrong, but doesn't represent the whole picture. I think it's really about: - Brand recognition - Licensing infrastructure and cost - Making use of existing commercial agreements of mp3s If the above paves way for broad adoption of lossless codec by more artists, online stores and playback devices, I'm sure the technical 'hurdles' would be a snap to fix. We'll find a mp3HD demux\remuxer to remove\replace the...
@astroid: 100% on logic too bad it's not a driving force in this hobby... but I'm 100% with you there, sold off my IE8 last week.
Nice poster
thanks for the heads up In for one..
Pass the popcorn please! IBTL.
Brilliant thread Love the late-80s references. And thanks for the original article, I've never read it in the first place
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