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Bought a pair of IEM from Harry, and he gave me such a great deal for them (Thanks Harry!). Communication was quick and concise, item came in time and they're in great condition as promised. Just perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and it'd be a pleasure to deal with him again!
Quote: Originally Posted by terrymx There are benchmarks that shows Parallel Desktops perform much better than VMware. Also there are free softwares like Qemu and Virtualbox, also Darwine. Just listing the alternative, I don't dislike Vmware. If you had clicked on that video, you'd find out that the video is in fact, a demonstration of Parallel Desktop. VM refers to Virtual Machine, a generic term of 'programs' like Parallel Desktop and...
I hope it uses Nvidia's new chipset that does portable HD... and let it be hackable to run RockboxHD!@# PS: Or I'll settle for any form of linux distro, really.
LOL Diss itunes but still joins the promotion? That's precious
Best thing to happen to your system would be reinstall XP or Windows 7 beta on it. Vista isn't worth messing about, even for the supposedly better DX-10 compatible games that are 'exclusive' to it...
Once you get your mac, set it up to run OSX and Windows (on a VM) like this: Mobile Tech Minutes: Windows on a MacBook (2:30 onward)
If you can afford a mac, there's no point of wasting your time building a hackintosh. It's just not as smooth, seamless and problem free as a real mac. Which I think is one of the strongest trait of macs. Unless, you want to the mac in a form factor\configuration that's not available from Apple (netbooks, for example). Here's a list of my systems before anyone 'attacks' me for any reason: - Macbook pro unibody, hooked to a 24" external display (primary machine) - MSI Wind...
Consider getting a macmini (new model, just refreshed), do eSATA mod on it and hook it up to 24" screen. Cheaper, easier to resell, you can f-around wth OSX on it while using your existing parts..
Heh.. ibtl.
The charger isn't included. Maybe he's selling it for $100
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