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They're about to release a new iphone in mid-june. It's expected to have netbook-level cpu (arm cortex 8) which should make things FLY, the new iphone 3.0 OS (yes, this time with copy paste, and loads of other new features), 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera, video capture & edit capability.. and loads more Better wait...
Quote: Originally Posted by VoLTaG3 It's Microsoft I doubt they will allow the Zune to be hacked. Yes, like they did 'allow' XBOX to run Linux, or Apple allowing iPods to be rockboxed. Granted they put better 'locks' on these things lately... there are exposed loopholes from time to time. Hacking, in this context, is to run codes that are not designed\allowed to be run on the system.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jigglybootch But since I wanted a Mac what good would it have done to buy a Windows PC? Besides, I built one already (which I'm now in the process of trying to sell). Geez man, I just peeked at your listing. Your PC is a monster!! 6GB, 2x 4870, i7 Quad Core, 10k velociraptor drive and 750w pc power & cooling psu. You need to advertise that on [H] or something (do they have a for-sale board?).
Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Seems lazy. Said the ignoramus who typed a 2-words reply. Convenience has its price. I'm not saying it's better than CD in quality, but it has high points in convenience, selection and efficiency for delivering lossy files.
iTunes high point is just the instant gratification.. you just do a couple of clicks, and the songs are delivered to you within seconds, decent rip, with proper tags, cover art ready to be synced up to your iphone\ipod.
He's just joking, y'all Jiggly, I get a 'sign in to yahoo' screen when I try to view your pictures. Are the album set to public?
@montell: I beg to differ on the Apple IEMs. Granted they're a pretty good deal for the asking price (decent dual driver, mic + clicker and volume buttons that are nice for compatible ipod\iphone models), the sound quality is below the par of the course here regardless of what your preferred sound sig is. I found the Apple dual driver IEMs to be too dark. Not the kind of 'dark' that has overpowering lows that affect the overall balance of presentation, but they just don't...
Wow, that was a shocker I love Les Miz. Everybody loves an underdog. I'm rooting for her this season. Thanks for that, Al4x!
You're pretty much comparing two earphones which are at the extreme ends of the spectrum there..
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