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I bought a dynalo from Dan and am very happy with the product. Dependable guy with great products, can't top that. Thanks Dan!
@HippieTom: That hill climbing drive clip looks like the Speed Racer's car
@Jiggly: Why don't you download the iWork trial and find out? I think iWork is GREAT if you don't need to interoperate with other MS Office users, which is one of its weakness. It can import\export MS Office files but not at 100% compatibility, especially on the more 'complex' files. This is also true with OpenOffice.
x3 on PFE w/ more bass
^- What he said. There's no equivalent to Apple's touchpad in any other current consumer products AFAIK. The multitouch implementation is top notch... and you only get that on Apple's notebooks.
Yeah. OSX's mouse control panel is very minimal. They only show the extra functions when you connect Apple's own devices, like mighty mouse -.- Otherwise you get super-barebone option panel (sensitivity, acceleration.. you can't even reassign extra buttons).
Friend of mine bought some, from a seller that advertised in Amazon. He said it sounds incredible.
@zulu1: If 'music' is foremost in your mobile phone requirement, then there's no better device in the market than an ipod touch that's slapped together with a cellular antenna, wifi chipset, and some nice looking phone apps with some quirks, known as the iPhone. The 3.0 version of their OS will fix many of their deficiencies, while putting them at the forefront in 'multimedia application tablet' category (gaming, smartphone apps, whatnot).
x2 about wireless keyboard + trackpad. I like the mighty mouse. The 360' scroller helps a lot for scrolling around documents. For expose┬┤ functions, I assign them to screen (1920x1200) corners. I have long fingers, so I don't get the clicking errors many people complain about cause I almost always hit them near the edge.
I used to do that to play some PC Games.. it's far cheaper to game on the console nowadays, albeit the control scheme sucks for FPS and RTS. So, how are you liking iLife apps? The new iPhoto is awesome..
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