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Headamp Pico: $50? (Just based on what i'd think about metal boxes with a knob.) Fatcat modded Baby Stax: $35? Panasonic HJE900: $20? Maybe $25 if they I knew there's zirconium in it.
You should try to work it out in good faith at this stage. Explain the situation to the seller, and give him a chance to explain things from his point of view and maybe correct the situation if it was indeed proven to be his fault. If it's neither you nor his fault, look for an impartial resolution (for example, determine a hdd replacement cost and split the difference). Don't be emotional and maintain composure in all your communication with him.
Bought tintin47's AKG 701. Item is just as promised, and they were shipped really quick. Communication was smooth, and everything just went well. Definitely a recommended head-fier Cheers.
Microsoft used the same strategy on mobile devices (let OEM producers customize their devices, including the 3D GPU) which seems to be wrong for a non-user-customizable device. This makes the target audience for 3d gaming on their own mobile platform to be very small, so it's not an appealing platform to program on for game developers. Oh, their control suck, and they also don't have a usable AppStore yet Quote: Originally Posted by...
Cheaper storage and higher\better lossless compression isn't enough to make it 'the norm'. You need to increase the demand for it as well. I don't see that happening.
Yeah, find other things to stroke, than your ego..
Just did a trade with zuopuming and everything went according to plan. Item is just as promised, got here at the expected time frame and in good shape. He took the time and effort to take pictures of the process, to show the item, packaging and shipping (int'l shipping can be tricky sometimes) so everything was clear I wouldn't hesitate to give my highest recommendation for anyone looking to do a trade with him in the future! Thanks!
I don't mean to offend anyone, but is there any data\polls correlating those with the belief in USB cables affecting sound quality to their age group? I'd imagine the younger audience who are familiar with how lossless USB must be to transfer their 'loots' (mp3s, porns and some school papers) to their USB drives wouldn't believe in that 'myth' as readily as those who don't use USB as much.
Seems like a reasonable response? Is there any specific telltale sign that you're showing from those pictures? Maybe you should explicitly mention them and mark the areas in the pictures.
Ugh.. found out one of the phonaks I bought from Horen Mit Fiebing has hairline cracks too: Time to msg Bill =(
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