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Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 Quote: Originally Posted by uberburger101 ESW10JPN - $500 X2, it really do look like a $500 headphone. Are you sure you're looking at it from a non-audio-person perspective? By that token, the ESW9 would look $500 too?
It's idiocy Usually they're not enough to sustain a city..
Yes, do warn us before we're labeled as a cult. Anyone need more kool-aids??
I'm not getting any updates from Bill..
I'd pay $125 for an ornament that looks like a qualia..
Gahh... all i got is a mutt. gadgetm My Brute
Bought a set of IEM from Paul and it came just as described in a well padded box. Communication was always smooth, all PMs were answered promptly and Paul even took the effort to get some scans and pictures of the item in question to show me. I'm happy with the transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone else looking to do any sort of transaction with him. Cheers
You can file dispute within 45 days of paying for the transaction. There should be ample time to work toward a mutually amicable solution for this.. If necessary, ask for a faster communication mode (IM, gtalk, skype, or even mobile phone) rather than Ebay's PM or Email. Based on his 100% feedback and Ebay membership period (5 years as a member), I'd chalk this up as a non-intentional problem at this point and give him a chance to rectify it. But be prepared to accept his...
ROFL, what a riot. I was wondering why no one talked about Apple's AppStore..
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