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Bought the JVC FX500 woody from Samay. The set came as promised, it's pretty much in like-new condition Samay is a very pleasant guy to work with. Efficient in communication, we wrapped up the deal in record time and everything just went smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to do a deal with him at all! Thanks Samay!
@bonem: where? how much? what connector is placed on it?
@AdamCalifornia: ROFL, you're welcome to just point to the picture or quote my post to yours to simplify things.. BTW that pic was taken from's front page.
OMG yea.. I love the atmosphere in that game.. especially the hand animated ones. The 3D version (was that the third?) was pretty meh..
At least they're honest in their ads..
Aw heck, go for it if it makes you happy. Write a review after you get it..
Just saw this tip and I noticed the same inside my D2 Viper. Thanks MONVMENTVM, the tip worked just fine on my Viper No more static with USB + Power adapter now after the mod.
Any business that makes as much profit as skullcandy is hot in my book. And I love the irony in this ad...
There's a great idea there somewhere for neat earphones storage solution.
It would help the OP immensely if those giving their suggestions here actually are the ones who own said phones, not just those who has *read* about things and chalked some of them up in their wishlist..
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