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I have also found ER4P, ER4S and HF5 all have microphonics. HF5 is slightly better than the ER4 series, but still ranks pretty high compared to other IEMs I've tried (Senn IE8, IE7, UM3x, W3..etc). Running them over the ears would 'fix' microphonics for the most part, but it may be harder to do on HF5 (I've sold it off already) due to the angle of earpiece cable. ER4 is nearly impossible to wear over the ears with the original cables.
Hmm... I prefer pier 1.
I've purchased an IE8 for a friend of mine from the mentioned seller (sx297_10). It was genuine and came sealed with the sennheiser ribbon. I don't think you've any reason to worry.
I just want to chime in that Phonak's customer service is nothing short of astounding! I bought a couple of phonaks (for me and my friend), got the infamous november batch PFE112s, and one of them cracked. It didn't take long for Bill to send replacement units for me, all the way on the other side of the globe Super happy customers here Cheers Bill! Thanks Phonak! Thanks Head-Fi!
Got a good deal from Tom, and saw him took care all of the little issues that cropped up during our international transaction like a champ. He's a very responsible person. I wouldn't hesitate to vouch for and recommend him to anyone looking to do any transactions with him. Thanks very much!
@Duncan: Here's my FX500's box
@Duncan: I'll take a pic of my FX500's box tomorrow. But from looking at that page on Apple store, I can tell you that you got a cooler pouch =P The FX500's pouch is square with rounded corners.
Nice find. This is one of the best portables available in the market right now..
Skullcandy is already paying bands like Metallica to 'defend' them... ...maybe what you're actually trying to do is 'enlighten' the 'ignorant' mass on head-fi that there's more to life than just sound quality?
Bought a bunch of opamps from HiFlight, and they got here really quick! PMs are always replied in timely fashion, he's always courteous and took the time to explain things and never hesitated to share good advice. I'll take my hat off for his service and support as a seller, even tho I never wear one! Cheers mate!
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