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I sms him about my Baby Stax and he sometimes reply to me, but there's no indication that he's going to return it to me anytime soon. He's been saying that he's having a hard time in real life, but I don't think that's a good excuse to turn your back completely to the people and community whom have supported him in the past years. But I don't know what his current state of mind is like either. I have a few strings I could pull on his side (I know where he works and a...
@JDUBS: Same here. He's hung on to mine for more than 6 months now. My emails and phone calls haven't been returned for sometime. I do have his personal information and ways to leverage them if necessary. I've just got 'back' myself and have sort of ignored the issue for quite sometime and will get it sorted out asap.
EFN, where are you? It's been months since you promised to fix and return you-know-what to me.. I hope things are okay on your end. I'm still waiting. PS: Those looking to conduct any sort of trades or business with EFN may want to wait and be 100% sure that he's back on his feet.
Did you try sending a message to the seller also?
Um.. video please
Seriously, you're driving an HD-650 with an iPhone? I'll have to try that one of these days. I thought it sounded quite ridiculous when I tried my HD-650 on iPhone 3G months ago before I upgraded to 3GS.
Quite a reach to assume driver change would result in SQ difference though. It looks to me they just made some changes to the interface (whatever exposed to the programmers to pipe the sound to). More likely it tweaks the performance, which doesn't affect the SQ directly.
Quote: Originally Posted by edart Placebo! Nah if Apple have not changed the sound part of the OS then why is it that Noise.IO pro is not outputting sound in 3.0? No sound output IPhone 3.0 beta? - - iPhone Synth How is this related to SQ change?
Admit it! Y'all are drinkin the PLACEBO JUICE
Heya Jiggly, how's your switch so far? What's good, what's bad... and what's ugly
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