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^ and my flatulence at 200 points! Thanks for the reference. 81 points sounds very promising indeed considering you're referencing a home rig.
Oh dear that is disconcerting to hear. But I did like the stock AK100. Perhaps my impression might be a little different.
Woohoo thanks! Exactly what I needed. Ok I'm on board the RWAK train.
Would like a clearer explanation or an article that relays the same information. I cannot simply accept statements like that as fact unless there's a good explanation for it. So anyone here would do us the honor of explaining it?
I just read it. So it really depends on how flat the impedance to frequency curve of the headphones/earphones are. The flatter it is, the less important impedance matching is. For the dap to be versatile it should have less output impedance so maximum amount of voltage can power the headphones without inefficiency occurring. No where in the article was there a rule of thumb that had a multiplication of 8.
Can CraftyClown or someone else please explain to me that rule of thumb? Why is that so? I started reading this very technical paper on impedance. All I understood from it, was that if the output impedance is too high, energy from the source will come back around and cause reflections or echoes. I didn't hear echoes or reflections through the 3A. So I guess it's all good?
Isn't the 4ai impedance about the same as the AK100 output impedance? I had a listen with my 3A and the impedance is the same as the 4ai. It was pretty damn good. I didn't hear any distortion. I think as long as your impedance matches you're fine. When I get one I will definitely not be modding at all.
Tried the black one today. Great synergy with my Heir Audio 3.A. Loved the sound, menu seemed a tad laggy, but nothing I can't deal with. My only gripe is that fiddly volume knob. Seems like a manufacturing oversight. If I didn't have travel commitments I would have immediately picked up the silver or gold set. Unfortunately, it'll have to wait. See you some time in the future AK100 club =(
Well, I haven't the faintest clue, but sometimes I find jerking the volume up on my amp gives better dynamics on different headphones. My audio engine A5 speakers sound better past a certain volume level, I find it a little uncomfortable to listen at that level though so I tend to lower it any ways. But I can see how this explanation could work.
I tweeted some of your feedback to iRiver already. They've responded that their development team is looking into it.
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