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Thanks! It has been a long journey but I'm very happy with the results. Sonic bliss.
Haha I didn't get a balanced to se connect so I can't do that.The soundstage had increased along with better clarity and imaging. The difference is very noticeable. The bass has tightened up and extends deeper.Edit: I remember demoing the JH16's (non-fp) at Jaben in 2010 (w/ a yulong amp and dac). It was quite some time ago but I remember my jaw being on the shop floor. The 846's balanced with a proper source is a step above.
After several years of tinkering in midfi I finally saved enough pennies to acquire my end game rig (for now anyways).    I am blown away by the sound.  
I just received my Ted Allen SPC cable. It's super lightweight and the ear guides are much easier to mold.  Also much more comfortable overall.   Not bad for $85 
A lot of people recommend Westone Star (silicone) and the True fit (foam) tips. They fit on Shure nozzles.    I just received a silver plated copper (SPC) cable from Ted Allen. I don't have any in-depth comments on them yet but it sounds great so far. The SPC is "supposedly" warmer
 Check my sig, Pico DAC and RSA Protector is an amazing match. 
I can sleep on my sides with no problems. Try it out before you consider other TOTL's, most of the other phones are much bigger. 
Maybe what they said wasn't true? 
 Congrats! But trust me, it won't be your last... 
Looking for a lightning to mini USB cable to hook up my iPhone to my Pico DAC.    I'm a student on a budget, so nothing too pricey please.  
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