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Length and width: 9.5cm Height: 3.3cm
I just picked up a pair this morning. My jaw is on the floor. 846's are gonna stay in my ears all day!   I'm listening straight from my macbook but already these are leagues ahead my IE8's/ibassD10/iMod rig
I picked em up brand new from a local dealer for less than 999.99, tax included and everything. If you find a store that sells them locally you might be able to haggle. Or find some 2nd-hand on head-fi 
Does anyone know where to get the universals in Canada/Canadian dealer?
Ahhh all those changes sound great. Eagerly waiting for them to be implemented!
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The JH3A's were supposed to have active crossovers and not passive. But Jerry ran into some patent problems. No one has heard the new UM rig so no one knows yet. Everyone will have to sit tight for first impressions. 
  The smoked shell is always a good choice, especially with a brushed metal/aluminum face plate. But it's up to your personal tastes really. I think the inlay's are really ugly. If the two different materials were blended together in a design that was more aesthetically pleasing than just stripes.
I suggest getting something that isn't a custom for your very first purchase. Even though you have the kind of cash for customs you should take baby steps. If you buy a customs and you aren't happy with it, you'll lose a lot of money since the resale value of customs are the worst in the audiophile community.    Reading reviews will give you a crazy in-depth look of the custom. However you have to remember that it's from the reviewers standpoint and extremely subjective....
This is crazy awesome. I think I would spend a few hours trying to decide what sound I would want. With something this customizable I feel like I would spend forever trying to get it "perfect" 
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