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FS again
  "Devil's Haircut" - Beck
Still available 
Sorry, i can't accept Paypal. If i could i would.   And $115 is wayyy to low. $135 is a great deal. The P to S cable itself is worth $60. 
Hey head-fi, my friend has her eye set on AKG K450's and I was wondering if you could point me to a store that sells them?   Thanks! 
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Another vote for dBpoweramp. Great converter, simple and easy to use. 
  I'm selling my Etymotic ER4P with the P to S Cable. I'm selling these because they haven't been getting much use due to school. They are in great shape. I'm the 2nd owner and I've put about 50 hours into them. Comes with the box, manual, 2 large triple flange tips, 2 sets of glider tips and 2 sets of foam tips. Also includes a shirt clip and filters w/ filter tool. It does not include the pouch. Asking $135 CAD + shipping. Pay by PayPal or e-transfer (EMT) Willing to...
Bump, still available 
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