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I can't take anyone who uses "u" instead of "you" seriously.  For me it is definitely justified. I had two friends check out my setup today and their minds were blown away. I thought my IE8's running through a D10 (hiflight opamp kit) and iMOD was good... (they've listened to my previous rig too) This is just another level.  People are very passionate about their gear. You're in the 846 thread. You'll find many more passionate people in their respective threads raving...
I prefer silicon over foams any day. Easier to take in and out. No absorption of frequencies. 
Comparisons would be great!
From experience the foam absorbs all the bass. The stock Shure foams absorbs the bass. The narrow bore Shure silicones congest the sound (due to the narrow bore).The westone stars produce a more cohesive sound.
 The Westone star tips are much better than all the stock tips. 
25.9 28.6 34.4 In lbs
Interesting, if I come across an extra set of filters I'd like to try frakensteining them
Thanks! It has been a long journey but I'm very happy with the results. Sonic bliss.
Haha I didn't get a balanced to se connect so I can't do that.The soundstage had increased along with better clarity and imaging. The difference is very noticeable. The bass has tightened up and extends deeper.Edit: I remember demoing the JH16's (non-fp) at Jaben in 2010 (w/ a yulong amp and dac). It was quite some time ago but I remember my jaw being on the shop floor. The 846's balanced with a proper source is a step above.
After several years of tinkering in midfi I finally saved enough pennies to acquire my end game rig (for now anyways).    I am blown away by the sound.  
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