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Yes a diyimod ipod. dBpoweramp hasn't given me any problems. Whatever floats your boat.
If you read my sig I use an iMod, I rockboxed it and i didn't like the UI. I can live with iTunes.
Download dBpoweramp to convert flac to alac. Best music converter out there.
I'd say that's pretty portable. About the same size as an iBasso D10
Over the ear and underneath the chin.
I'll be ordering one once I acquire some more money. JH-3A -> JH13's for me.
Saskatoon. 4 of us are going down. Good to see some canucks going.
I'll be going down with a couple of friends from up north. Was curious if anyone on Head-fi is going to LA to party it up? The line up is pretty damn good this year.
You can think what you want. People want the best sound that they can get, so why not get customs? Who cares if performers use them?
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