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 Everyone that has them says they're the best. If you do a search on this thread you can come by that info. They're really hard to get atm though.
They're tips that rotate around the nozzle. They can sit at whatever angles your canals are while the housing stays put.
 Those filters are for the 535's. The filters on the 846 are color-coded (the entire nozzle colored): black, blue and white. 
My bad, didn't know they changed em. 
They're different connectors, I'm guessing he doesn't have the Litz with westone connectors. The 846's are MMCX mounts. 
TThat's not a very good analogy. Burn in with dynamic drivers: 100 %yes. BA's: maybe, the 846's were my first pair of ba's which I bought new. Right out of the box they sounded great and I did notice an improvement with more time, however that might just be my brain.
Thanks for the impressions Rudi! I've been thinking about the Roxanne's too, but my poor poor wallet is crying in the corner
Living off ramen for a month to afford it haha. 
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