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 Interesting, thanks for the tip I'll have to try it out!
   Running them balanced yields a greater soundstage and better imaging/separation. I'd put it at a 30% improvement over SE as it's fairly noticeable. And yes there's a phase splitter.  
 DM;sounds good
 Thank you for the in-depth impressions Audiowood!
Exactly, of course it's gonna sound better than everything else. Hykhleif you can't really compare an iPod to a Hugo...
Whoops sorry, not olives but the stock silicone. The olives sound fine.
I think you're the first person in this thread who likes the olives, but to each their own.
 We have a believer! 
When would this be happening? I used to live in Montreal but I might be back in town at the end of summer. I don't have much to bring but I would love to participate! 
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