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I ordered a balanced Reference Litz cable and IC. I'm looking forward to comparing it with my SPC. Impressions will be posted soon.    My wallet hates you head-fi 
 Though I haven't heard any of the AK players I can wholeheartedly agree with spook. I'm running a balanced setup through my RSA Protector and the difference from SE is night and day. 
 Once you go balanced you'll never look back. I haven't touched my stock cables, hell I don't even have a balanced to SE cable. 
    Seriously Should've jumped for the Litz in the first place... One more month of living on instant noodles would've been bearable. 
 Grumble grumble... I want to upgrade from my SPC to Litz now... 
 I too have a balanced setup, but non-litz cables.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ must have golden ears
 Yes of course you can hear a difference on a big setup. I've played on Funktion One's and other proper, hand-built club systems (some club owners ask that all your files be in flac/wav). We're listening to wee little IEM's, but still impressive considering that each piece is no bigger than my thumb! 
 Not like you can tell the difference between compressed and lossless though (unless you're listening at 192 for god knows what reason). 
 Hmm that is also interesting. There are a few members on the 846 thread who acquired a balanced RSA setup and they all agreed that there was noticeable improvement. I wish I had an RSA lightning and a balanced source to test...
 Larry has the Lightning, he tested it with balanced in and SE in. He didn't notice much of a difference if I recall correctly. 
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