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Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis "Let The Children Speak" - Simple Minds "Let It Be" - The Beatles
Quote: Originally Posted by Zalithian Have not heard the RE0's, but never seen anything about their amazing soundstage. For gaming, movies, and techno I can't imagine anything being a more perfect fit than the IE8's. The IE8's are better than the RE0's, just saying nothing can beat it in that price range. The IE8's are $300, of course they are going to be superior. Techno with the IE8's is great, best IEM's for that genre. The OP hasn't given...
This is the third thread you have made on the same topic. Everyone has already answered your question, I don't see why you need more info, just get the RE0's. The best phone you can get for $99.
Quote: Originally Posted by squid+ Substantial Lupe Fiasco
Quote: Originally Posted by squid+ "Children's Story" - Slick Rick "Indigo Children" - Puscifer
Quote: Originally Posted by decay You have to destroy a portion of the meshes to lift/lever them out (they sort of pop out), and from what I saw you can't just put them back, you'll need to glue them. Aww that sucks, If I had the money for a second pair of IE8's I would definitely try this out. I can't risk it haha. What if something goes into the nozzle... and void warranty is no good either....
Quote: Originally Posted by decay A tiny flat head screwdriver, but a small but extremely sharp cutting tool would be better. Does it just pop out? Can you put it back in? I'm curious to see how the IE8's will sound like without the mesh.
How did you take off the mesh? I don't want to void my warranty haha
Quote: Originally Posted by naddy Hi all, I guess you could consider me an audiophile basshead :-) I like the amount of bass quantity that the Westone 3's have, and before I plop down the cash on the UE-11 Pro's, I wanted to verify that they have at least the same amount of bass quantity, now, I expect the quality to be better with the UE-11's but I definitely don't want to pay that much and then be disappointed by not having enough bass quantity for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl "Run Like Hell" - Pink Floyd "Hell Yes" - Beck
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