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Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Oh geez...yes, I get that you want an IEM. The two I mentioned are IEMs, not earbuds. Haha, 3rd times the charm. I would suggest the RE0's.
Holy eff... Those are massive....
I was going to suggest the Senn sport line too, but those are clip on. And you don't want earbuds or full iem so what do you want then? Behind the neck phones?
Maybe its the foamies. They make the bass disappear on my ie8's. There is a huge difference when compared to the medium single-flanged tips. Very good bang for the buck.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb "Out Of Time" - Blur "We Can Work It Out" - The Beatles
I would wait as well, after reading some reviews on the S4's, they seem to be better than all of those IEM's that you have listed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mario_Fpolis "Baby, I´m Gonna Leave You" - Led Zep "Love Is Gonna Save Us" - Benny Benassi
Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl Trapped Under Ice - Metallica "I've Got You Under My Skin" - Diana Krall
Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl Wheels of Fire - Manowar "You'll Be Under My Wheels" - The Prodigy
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