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 That Roxanne graph seems a little off, that much of a valley and spike at the upper mids and treble is unusual. There's a better one posted in the Roxanne thread.  The 846 graph agrees with my ears though. 
 Teamwork!  I remember all the fuss between the UE18 and JH13 at the time...
 They came out in 2010, but Jerry had left UE by that time already. 
 Call up Shure, they can help you out. 
Back on topic: some music that'll give the bass drivers a workout  
 Great post LFC_SL! Hear for yourself before attacking other members opinions. slick530 merely offered his point of view but got told to go back to the JH thread, quite the response I must say.  Use head-fi's words as advice but your ears have the final say. My 2-cents on the source issue: it matters. I had a 5th gen iPod which I modded myself (re. RWAiMOD). For those that aren't familiar with the mod it involves soldering two wires to bypass the internal capacitors. Upon...
 I would add: 3. DAC
 If it's connected via the headphone jack then it'll still work. Not so sure if it's connected via line-out. 
 Yes, that's a pretty good analogy. 
It's always worth a shot to try it though right? If I had a $1000 product id like to hear all the bases it can cover
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