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 Yes, whatever object you can use to unscrew the cap that's securing the filter. 
 Beautiful snap
Those are the black ones, I'm using them too.
 Those hippocan's look sexyyyy
 But how does that affect your buying decision? There are a lot of Ref 1 and 1plus2 users happy with the stock cable. Disregarding a product based on a cable is silly. 
 Putting off the Ref 1 just because the Uber "unlocks the full potential" is nonsense. There could be a $1300 cable for the 846 that "unlocks the full potential" (re. $1100 silver/gold/cable that one store owner has).
 Don't let other people tell you if it's worth it or not. It's up to you to decide. The 846 sounds great out of an iPod touch. 
 That's a bold statement 
There was a member who tried a K10, 846, Roxanne and UE18. He decided to go for the UE18. It's a very good IEM, but it's old and has lost its FOTM status around head-fi. 
 That Roxanne graph seems a little off, that much of a valley and spike at the upper mids and treble is unusual. There's a better one posted in the Roxanne thread.  The 846 graph agrees with my ears though. 
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