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Talk about bringing a thread back from the dead.    I've had both, but my personal preference was that of the IE8's. The ER4's sounded amazing, but they weren't fun. The IE8's does do everything very well, from electro to folk it sounds amazing. 
Same here =[    I've been out of this game too long. My initial decision was between the ES5 and the JH16's... Now with this Heir audio popping up and the impressive reviews I've been seeing it's now a 3 way battle. 
I've been out of the game too long... All these new customs coming out are making it hard for me to choose. From what I've been reading the 8A seems to match my tastes best.   Happy ears or happy wallet? Hmm...
  A thorough ES5 vs JH16/3A comparison would be excellent. I'm deciding wether or not to get a pair of ES5's or go all out and get the 3A...
I have the HD25's and yes the clamping force is pretty hard. I've put a lot of hours on them so my ears are accustomed to the pressure.    Sound quality wise they are great. Good bass and midrange. The highs really extend. They also isolate well.    I only use them to DJ, but the clamping force is great for that. They won't be falling off your head when you're dancing around.    Some may argue that the HD25's look better than the TM1's. I'm not a fan of the...
Future Shop is selling Sennheiser HD25 Adidas for $249. Pretty good deal for us Canadians. I'm definitely picking a pair up. Just letting everyone know!
These  have been SOLD! Thanks everyone for the interest. 
Probably not, I've never had that problem with my IE8's. When I first got em I had the same problem. Just give the plug a good rub and it'll go away in a week or so.  
Bump for a good guy, sad to see another one of his M^3's go. 
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