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My right earpiece started to become quieter than the left. I sent it back for warranty and Shure kindly gave me a brand new pair! Having two pairs of each filter now I decided to mod the blues. I used to swear by the whites.   I've noticed the bass impact has increased compared to the whites. Treble is less prominent as well. They definitely sound different, but I'm not sure if I'm sold on them.  I haven't done any formal A/B testing yet but I will post some impressions...
 Fanboyism on this thread is pretty bad compared to others, TOTL threads in general are bad. 
 It fits, with lots of room to spare. 
 Thanks. I'm still using the whites. The Litz brought out the highs a little more, which might lead some people to revert back to the blues. Going balanced doesn't affect the highs much. 
 Thanks spook! My Protector opened up after ~100 hours. I'm looking forward to the improvements of a properly burnt-in Lightning. The 846/Lightning/Litz combo is stellar.  
Updated rig, black Protector -> silver Lightning. I need a name for this all silver rig   
 Thank you!  
Moedawg has a great review of the SCS. The link is in his signature, it's definitely worth a click.
Just got my Lightning in the mail, right out of the box my jaw hit the floor.    Wider soundstage, increased clarity/separation and the bass, reaches even deeper and lower now. That deep deep rumble.... oh man it's sooo sooo good. The highs have opened up as well, adding a little more detail to the imaging.    And I thought my 846 + Protector combo was good...     My all silver rig (minus the USB cable)
 Trust your own ears! Everyone has their own opinion, you are on the 846 thread haha. Different strokes for different folks. 
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