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 We have a believer! 
When would this be happening? I used to live in Montreal but I might be back in town at the end of summer. I don't have much to bring but I would love to participate! 
Mid 2010 MBP. Hiss or no hiss, getting a dedicated DAC is the way to go. The DAC on a computer is surrounded by noisy components 
My MBP hisses like crazy with my 846's. I highly suggest picking up a good DAC. You'll notice a huge difference. It's often overlooked in many peoples chain.
I do find myself enjoying well recorded/produced music more than I do with poor ones. However I try not to bias myself because at the end of the day it's the music that counts.
 Everyone that has them says they're the best. If you do a search on this thread you can come by that info. They're really hard to get atm though.
They're tips that rotate around the nozzle. They can sit at whatever angles your canals are while the housing stays put.
 Those filters are for the 535's. The filters on the 846 are color-coded (the entire nozzle colored): black, blue and white. 
My bad, didn't know they changed em. 
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