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So would it be worth it to order WM8741 module to replace AD1852 in Sparrow? Has anyone tried both?
Just ordered mine, version A with USB. This is going to be my very first DAC/AMP, so I'm looking forward.
How to shop at their site? Just send an email?     One more question - I have 32-OHM DT990, should I go for low-gain version? I'm gonna buy A model.
Anoobis: basic version supports only 16/48, probably same old chip.   A-version is fitted with TE7022
Nice review. Can you compare Sparrow also to other gear you own/owned/heared?
Awesome news! After I pass my exams, I'm definetely buying one!
You can chceck their website, what they ship every day. But what kind of Sparrow is not mentioned...
Carl - you have basic version, don't you? Maybe beause of cheaper Alps pot you experience channel imbalance.
Mr. Kingwa replied to me... Sparrow will be back on stock in cca 15 days.
Note about lack of USB chips is no more on audio-gd website... I'm gonna send an email to be sure.
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