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It has fantastic bass, deep, tight and accurate.
so i have the chance of a cheap T70P , i have the K550 and the bass level is fine for me. I have read that the T70P is bright as well, i enjoy the MF100 , is it brighter than that?
Anyone got these yet?   IDEAL COMPANION ON THE GO CUSTOM STREET is the latest offspring of beyerdynamic’s acclaimed CUSTOM headphone series. Like no other headphones in the world, CUSTOM STREET combines portable size, outstanding sound and lots of customisable features. One unique feature of CUSTOM STREET is the CUSTOM Sound Slider, which allows you to...
Last question, any EU volum limit?
Can this drive K550 ?
Im very sad, the surfaces of the K550/K551/K545 are made using soft-touch paint and will start to show deterioration within a year or two usually. They become sticky first then start to peel.   Has anyone had this yet with these cans?   Wonder what they look like under the paint, bog standard plastic i suppose! I really love these cans.
Does it look as spazzy as the 50? Don't like looking like Frankenstein!   Strange move Sony!
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