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I am a little disappointed with no new firmware but i can live with 1.03. The sound makes me stop caring!
Agree , the Jr design is much better Imo, the AK70 design is like an equation of 240 by 100ii. Does seem a little uninspired. It's the same colour as my car and I hate that colour, its an unsure colour. Where did they get mint from, have they never seen mint???
Hate the colour, specs look good though. If it had been a single AK4490 and NOT mint coloured i would have considered it, as it is AK300 is my upgrade path from my Jr.
Astell and Kern can charge whatever they like, full stop. I baulk at the cost of their TOTL players as well but they have the right to put that value on them if they want. I own the Jr and have heard most of the players, i will be getting the AK300 next as i liked the 4490 sound on the 380 and i hope to get a taste of that at a much lower price. I dont get those who are on headfi complaining about cost, this is hifi, its been like this forever. If you dont agree with the...
As far as pad on headband goes I didn't ever get it off! I ruined the look of the buttons as they are soft and even using soft wooden sticks marked them up pretty bad. The pad replacements are cheap at around £7 ($10) , they may come with instructions, I hope sobas Sennheiser customer support didn't know how to release the pad!
I got a completely new pair through my dealer, the colour is not only slightly darker but the box is different, old one had silver sennheiser printed on the it but this one has a sennheiser logo in matt black in the centre of the top.after a couple of days listening I think they sound the same.
Got my new pair and they are a much darker color than the last pair, not black but dark grey with glittery bits through it. The last pair were a mid grey colour. Didn't know they had revised them.
Contacted support, they are shipping me a new pair! Great service i must say.
Have pressed the buttons, wiggled this , wiggled that, pulled here , pushed there, nothing! Dont want to break the mechanism as it holds the headband ends in place, typical.
Does anyone know how to unclip the headband clips, they obviously come off or release the silver end bit but I cant seem to do it. My pad is flaking now and I need to fit a new pad.
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