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15khz but i can sense women approaching at 250 yards.
Ryan Adams sweet Carolina on these is stunning, the most open, real, emotional rendition i have heard.
These have ruined my mdr-1r , I have tried using the Sony's again and they sound wrong. The bass is too plummy , it seems to be the main event on the 1r. Might try the 7520 if the bass is better behaved.
Definitely, they have a very wide stage and tons of detail. Here's my review..
HD25 is much more in your face than these , I have never found the HD25 to be a very good can for listening to music , it's more of a tool.
How long did you give them? They are one of the most uncoloured headphones I have heard, strange , the clamp eases off pretty quick.
Musical fidelity MF100 , stunningly good , no one talks about them.
Sony mdr 710 i think, they coiled into a wee ball. They were awful , whole parts of songs were missing or distorted.
Thanks for reading, I forgot to mention how they scaled with my amp. They didn't really get any worse or better, they seem to have a great hold on music powered by my cowon mp3, laptop or amp.
Bowers and Wilkins, NAD, Kef and now Musical Fidelity. All well known established Hi-Fi brands, all keen to get a slice of a flourishing headphone market now worth over 8 billion dollars. When I first got wind of the B&W P5 I was pretty sceptical, expecting an average headphone disguised with leather and chrome; mutton dressed as lamb. As it turns out I feel I was pretty near the mark. Others have fared better - NAD released a genuinely exciting pair of cans in the Viso...
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