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The cable from the mdr-10rc fits ok
Kids = mids
Tried these on my home setup, scale ok, kids pop a little. Had a few friends try them out for a day or so, universal praise generally with the only bugbear being the cable having a locking mechanism as it makes using 3rd party cables tricky.
These deserve to be a hit, IMO Sony have hit a home run with these cans.
The trebles fine after a few hours burn in, the 1a is definitely a darker sounding can though.
These are more musical and less clinical than the MF100, the MF is a very good can for critical listening but not great for portable use imo, the 100aap is a great portable can that is good enough to use at home as well. Hope that makes sense, I prefer the 100aap.
The soundstage is pretty good , it extends quite wide and has good depth. imaging is great , very easy to identify where the band are in space. As for sig , its well balanced no mid suckout , no sibilance and the bass is excellent with a nice warm, well extended output. As far as the drivers go, the surround is silver and the centre cone I gold coloured to my eye.
Its 100% around ear quote name="LNuneek" url="/t/779750/sony-h-ear-on-mdr-100aap-199-hi-res-audio-over-ear-headphones/30#post_11944159"] Is it on ear or around ear? Perhaps somewhere in between? [/quote]
Just a small update, i have been burning these in non stop for 2 days and picked them up this morning and the highs are no longer sharp, in fact i was enjoying them so much this morning i dosed off (beach house's new album is very dreamy) So in short expect an improvement in coherence after 20 hours, prior to that the treble band was a little excited!     Here a pic for you driver fans, i cant work out how to remove the pads yet, think they are on some snap in frame.  
lnuneek Beats are some of the cheapest , creakiest, plasticy cans I have ever owned. These don't look or feel cheap and i was surprised how nice the red and blue looked in person. I would always recommend seeing and listening for yourself.
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