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Last question, any EU volum limit?
Can this drive K550 ?
Im very sad, the surfaces of the K550/K551/K545 are made using soft-touch paint and will start to show deterioration within a year or two usually. They become sticky first then start to peel.   Has anyone had this yet with these cans?   Wonder what they look like under the paint, bog standard plastic i suppose! I really love these cans.
Does it look as spazzy as the 50? Don't like looking like Frankenstein!   Strange move Sony!
Im hoping for a ma900 sound but with a little deeper bass, not sure if they are semi-open, they seem to have a large port on the bottom?   I just bought some K550 (tried the K551 at the same time and strangely they were very different, bass was much more blunt?), i need to start saving!
Looking for a trade, Nad, Shure pretty open to offers but looking for a big soundstage in a closed phone.   Will upload pics asap but as i said mint , no scratches dents dings etc.   MDR-MA900 is the only open phone i will consider.   UK only
 I use the 1R with poweramp on android and the remote works as a play , pause , answer with single press, long press to skip songs.
15khz but i can sense women approaching at 250 yards.
Ryan Adams sweet Carolina on these is stunning, the most open, real, emotional rendition i have heard.
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