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Great price here :   https://us.astellnkern.com/products/ak-jr-end-of-summer-special     Not affiliated , just sharing the deal!
NW-A30 + Mojo doing Native DSD sounds good to me, better than AK70.
Agreed, I hope the a30 is under £300! It seems that nw-wm1z+a use the same operating system as A30, seems android is dead to Sony.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LP7s1Y9Blg0 Look at 2:24 onwards for dsd output settings
This also seems to do dsd out over DOP, good function for lower tier device.
This has best both worlds, touchscreen and buttons A+
Just look at the guys wearing it, smug ****, looks like a banker who has just had his brothers missus.
1000x looks worse than the 100aap Imo, a bit too spivvy and executive for this head.
11hrs dsd playback is pretty good, if it's native it beats the QP1R easy.
I am super excited, was about to buy a QP1R but i am waiting to see how this one works out, just hope they have a decent DAC that has a dynamic range that covers Hi-Res , oh and native DSD (cant believe Sony is behind on that one?)
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