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As far as pad on headband goes I didn't ever get it off! I ruined the look of the buttons as they are soft and even using soft wooden sticks marked them up pretty bad. The pad replacements are cheap at around £7 ($10) , they may come with instructions, I hope sobas Sennheiser customer support didn't know how to release the pad!
I got a completely new pair through my dealer, the colour is not only slightly darker but the box is different, old one had silver sennheiser printed on the it but this one has a sennheiser logo in matt black in the centre of the top.after a couple of days listening I think they sound the same.
Got my new pair and they are a much darker color than the last pair, not black but dark grey with glittery bits through it. The last pair were a mid grey colour. Didn't know they had revised them.
Contacted support, they are shipping me a new pair! Great service i must say.
Have pressed the buttons, wiggled this , wiggled that, pulled here , pushed there, nothing! Dont want to break the mechanism as it holds the headband ends in place, typical.
Does anyone know how to unclip the headband clips, they obviously come off or release the silver end bit but I cant seem to do it. My pad is flaking now and I need to fit a new pad.
Never heard the mojo but have heard the Hugo which I believe is similar. As far as tone the Jr is a warm sounding player, it is also very clear and precise in its presentation, the Hugo was not dissimilar but it had a more natural sound, hard to describe but it sounded 'right' , non digital, like it was almost analogue.The DAC in the D has the tone and musical presentation of the Jr but its nit quite as black or clear.
Tried this yesterday after reading the great comments on this thread. I use the AKJr at the moment and I will not be replacing it with the Plenue. The main reason is power, I liked the sound a lot, maybe not quite as much as the Jr but its excellent. Problem is it cant power my HD700, the Jr makes it sing but through the plenue it sounds underpowered, dull and lifeless. The Jr has 2vrms, the plenue 1. It also had issues playing some M4a files. I would recommend it though,...
Easy workaround for astell jr shuffle issue, on playback screen press the shuffle button twice (off then back on)after powering back on. This reshuffled and you dont get repeated tracks, if I hasn't worked that out i would have also returned mine, great sound though!
^agree , tried lots of players and AK Jr , AK320 were my favs(aune M2 gets honourable mention). AK make beautiful looking and sounding players, two sound sigs Imo , Jr and 320 are warm and musical then you have the 120ii which is clinical and has a little more accuracy at the expense of soul.
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