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Easy workaround for astell jr shuffle issue, on playback screen press the shuffle button twice (off then back on)after powering back on. This reshuffled and you dont get repeated tracks, if I hasn't worked that out i would have also returned mine, great sound though!
^agree , tried lots of players and AK Jr , AK320 were my favs(aune M2 gets honourable mention). AK make beautiful looking and sounding players, two sound sigs Imo , Jr and 320 are warm and musical then you have the 120ii which is clinical and has a little more accuracy at the expense of soul.
http://www.pcworld.com/article/3050652/home-tech/astellkern-ak-jr-review-this-pocket-sized-high-res-digital-audio-player-delivers-great-sound-but-sl.html Interestingly he says Astell Kern have said performance will be improved in a forthcoming firmware update.
I was just a little sick in my mouth
Interested in H900 , looks appeal and lets be honest , good closed cans are hard to come by.
Astell Kern JR + HD700 = awesome office setup. The JR is pretty powerful for a wee guy and the difference between this setup and my home one is minimal. I think the HD700 is totally under estimated on headfi.
I can guarantee you it wont sound identical to the K812 as this guy claims!
So you are telling me that the addition of a silver cable has made cymbals on a song last/reverb longer?
Look sweet, only thing putting me off is how rapidly the 812 dropped in price. I can pick up for roughly £600 UK now.
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