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Glad to see you coming Ed & Peter.  I am going to do my best to make it.  Will most likely bring the Amarra source, HE90, 009, and the DIY HEV90.
  My opinion is exactly the opposite on these 2 phones.  I guess it comes down to the music we listen to.  My 007 Mk 1 has not been touched in ages.
  To be honest, that review, as has been said here before, got the tonality of what the BHSE sounds like exactly opposite of what I have heard when I heard one on several occasions in small quiet meets.  Hence, whatever that person says is rubbish to me.   The guy at 6Moons consistently touts headphone stuff that sounds terrible, shall we follow him.  There are many vocal people here who talk up amps and other stuff that sounds like a** to me, shall we follow them.  As I...
  If this and subsequent posts is you not caring, my goodness.......   I am sure the 009 sounds excellent on the LL, BHSE, and maybe even the WES.  I have heard them on my KGSSHV, DIY HEV90, and the DIY T2 and they sound great on all of them.  My mood, among other things, usually dictates which one I use.  I might use the T2 all the time if it didn't get so hot (:   Bottom line, this is about personal preference, not which is best reviewed.
Pretty sure this is Craig's first electrostatic amp and I am positive he would admit he is learning along the way.  He once said to me something to the effect that he would not choose EL34s for an electrostatic amp.  That's obviously changed.   Can't wait to hear it.
When you guys try the Egyption PRIR realize it was made in a very large movie theater and can sound a bit cavernous.  I found that if I just listened for awhile to a movie I got used to the effect, but it will be very different than all the other PRIRs.
The Egyptian is either 5.1 or 7.1, not sure.  There were way more speakers than that but they got grouped I guess.   I just changed the name of the PRIR file to include a description, is that all right silverlight?  Obviously people would need to change the name back before using.
I am in for this.  I can share a couple, one 2.0 with Wilson Sashas from a Brooks Berdan showroom and one from the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  I think dsperber and myself are the only ones who got the Egyptian.  I don't use it anymore because it sounds almost too large, weird effect.  So people using it may have a hard time telling what is off from it not being for their ears and the weirdness of recording such a large room.  But it will be fun to try.   On the...
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