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The new Oppo BDP-103 may be an option.  FYI.....Cinavia is now a required feature on all blu-ray players as of 2012 and only affects a minority of titles.  There will also most likely be ways around it in the future.
Good points, Kiritz.
I've tried my Realiser several times with 2.0, and even tried other people's PRIRs (mine were always better), but I prefer straight headphone listening.  The fidelity/timbre is not the same for me with the Realiser in the chain.     Contrary to what you wrote, darinf, I think the people using it for 2.0 are in the minority.  It was not even designed with that in mind.  Pretty sure Lorr will tell you that.  My understanding is that the unit is primarily a tool for...
Another way to say dull is less precise and softer, is that ok with you guys?  This is what I heard from the LL, agree with n3rdling.  Now this can be a pleasant dullness and some people prefer that.  Fine.  Myself, I prefer to hear it all from the amp and use another source if I want another flavor.  For the 009, I have what I would call a no holds barred amp, the DIY T2, and a duller one, a DIY Aristaeus type amp.  I like both, but if I had to choose one, it would...
Do you have the latest firmware installed, there are newer files that don't work with the older firmware?  Maybe a silly question.
This is exactly what I heard at the Los Angeles meet, same source (Oppo), but different rooms.  Meet was very quiet.  
I would also like to share a positive Stax experience.  I sent an email to Yama's on Saturday and they replied on Monday .  Further, they are sending a replacement part for my 009, which someone broke at the recent LA meet and did not say anything, at no charge.
I thought the Electra sounded very nice at the meet and I can see how people who listen to more modern or harder music would prefer this say over the BHSE which is more accurate.  There was a nice warmth with the 009.  This was with the stock Mullards.  Marv told me it really sounded great with better EL34s and I can see how it would.   If it were me, I would still choose the BHSE probably, but I am not in the market for an amp since I build my own these...
Glad to see you coming Ed & Peter.  I am going to do my best to make it.  Will most likely bring the Amarra source, HE90, 009, and the DIY HEV90.
  My opinion is exactly the opposite on these 2 phones.  I guess it comes down to the music we listen to.  My 007 Mk 1 has not been touched in ages.
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