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Mine has been in a closet for about 6 months.
pm sent
Received my DSHA-1 last Friday and I am very, very pleased.  It sounds really great with the R10s and the HD800, so much so, that there may be a used Balancing Act on the market soon.  That is not a knock on the BA, because it is still great, but less tubes for me would be nice.
For sale are my Stax SR-007 Mk 2 (the US black version).  This pair was bought by the first owner in December 2008 from Yamas.  He put on about 50 hours and I bought them in early 2010.  I have put on less than 100 hours.  So, these are in great shape and barely used.  I would say 8/10 on the Audiogon scale, only for age.  Original box and carry case included.   These are an SZ3 model but neither myself nor my friend have heard any of the different attributes some...
Is that a Blackie amp? 
Yes, you are correct, Craig told me he mistook the B65 for something else. Thank you. Will listen when I can pull myself away from the 009/T2 (:
Bummer, I got one of each of these tubes and they look great.  I should have asked my amp builder before though because he says they draw too much current to be used.  This is in the Balancing Act.  Oh well, anyone want to buy these?  
I wonder how the DSHA-1 would be with R10s, hmmm.
You should raise the price Justin, especially considering other recent offerings and the silly high prices.
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