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Purchased 7-13-11, these phones are still in great shape.  They have not been used very much, maybe 50 hours or less.  I would rate them 8/10 for age.  Reason for sale: too many phones and I prefer the HD800.   Price is $840 shipped.Sold
Paid registration for myself and stv1756.
Is there still a half table left? I would bring: ECP DSHA-1 ECP L-2 HD800 LCD2.2 R10 AMARRA MODEL 4
Sent a price request to Axiss several days ago, no reply yet.  Checked with kuboten and they said it would be around 156,000 yen ($1600) to me in Los Angeles.
Damn you, I have been eyeing these for a long time, now I have to buy a to find a Japanese friend 
My T2 is on the 2nd shelf :-)
Mine has been in a closet for about 6 months.
pm sent
Received my DSHA-1 last Friday and I am very, very pleased.  It sounds really great with the R10s and the HD800, so much so, that there may be a used Balancing Act on the market soon.  That is not a knock on the BA, because it is still great, but less tubes for me would be nice.
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