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Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L Congratulations. Now let's all keep our fingers crossed that nothing develops that will necessitate it going back for "service." Don't jinx me, man. My professional flutist friend and I are listening to some Haydn on the R10s. Ethereal!
After many months of impatient waiting, this beast of an amp has finally arrived. Let's just say that it was worth the wait. My system has gone to a whole new level of refinement. Now I am waiting for the Enigma to power my cables. Let's see what this mysterious thing will do. Here are some pics: Isoclean Now i have to go back to listening.
pm sent
Go Bolts!! ugh New England
Tyrion, thank you so much. The amount of useless arguing that sometimes goes on in these discussions is quite annoying.
This is not even close to the price of the ES-2. Now I just need to find a pair of HE90s. Anyone?
Just found this thread and wanted to say-- Fiiiight Oooooon!! USC looks good. Better late than never.
R10 - Beethoven
Embarrassing, Sony MDR-V600. But, i used to have an awesome car stereo, MBQuart all around, very nice sound. Now i've gone off the deep end.
i'm in
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