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My Enigma is coming this week and then we'll see if the magic is real. I'll be plugging in the Synergisitcs. I know Jay who did that Synergistic review and he is a great guy.
I might be able to come in later January. My EMM Labs SE stack is coming on wed. and my SDS-XLR maybe soon (it's been promised forever, you know the story). He has my balanced R10s and L3000 too. Can't imagine how I would move these beasts, but, let's see. andy
Congrats, my SDS-XLR is supposed to ship this week, ordered in June. Good luck on the before Christmas delivery.
Quote: Originally Posted by Konig Huh? Was he impressed by their academic papers or did he hear one himself? Here's what Vincent told me: "I had it here with me for a week and thought that the sound was pretty darn good. It did not compare with the VRS though, as I had other people here to listen to it as well. There was no comparsion, but they are on the right track. Let him know that if I did not know there was hard drive playback, I would...
pm sent
The card is modded, but not like the guys do here on this forum. It goes through a different process which i am not at liberty to divulge. On another note, looks like the VRS and the Memory Player may go head-to-head when Vincent visits NYC in the near future. That will be interesting. There's a thread over at agon about this. Konig-Vincent told me the lessloss is very impressive stuff to him.
That amp was by Josh Stippich and it is called Electron Luv. There is some info and another link here: http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatur...c032/vsac.html This article also talks about the VRS a bit. That was the VRS I.
Ok, we are back from a very long day. It was really a great time. Now I understand why people always comment on how nice it is to meet other audiophiles at the meets. This was definitely the highlight for me. We had two listening sessions, one at a cable company and another at a guy's house (Jay) who is an audio reviewer for the Robb Report. David (909) came with his Reimyo and Moth Audio amp. All I can say is that i am still very impressed with the VRS Revelation II...
I bought one of Purk's R10s and he was delightful to deal with. Quick shipment, packaged perfectly. I recommend Purk highly. He is an asset to Head-fi. andy
We are having a meet in Los Angeles tomorrow and Mikhail from Singlepower is flying in to hear this source. He's bringing a balanced Maestro and some R10s. I will have my new R10s, an L3000 and some senns. Mikhail is also bringing a SS amp and some small tube amp, which may be new. Anyone out there with golden ears and who has experience with high-end gear want to come; give me a pm with your phone number and we'll talk. Space is limited.
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