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Go Bolts!! ugh New England
Tyrion, thank you so much. The amount of useless arguing that sometimes goes on in these discussions is quite annoying.
This is not even close to the price of the ES-2. Now I just need to find a pair of HE90s. Anyone?
Just found this thread and wanted to say-- Fiiiight Oooooon!! USC looks good. Better late than never.
R10 - Beethoven
Embarrassing, Sony MDR-V600. But, i used to have an awesome car stereo, MBQuart all around, very nice sound. Now i've gone off the deep end.
i'm in
I've got to have more cowbell.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ Like described in my post: it prevents me from experiencing the music holistically. Or should I say: a high reproduction quality with little flaws facilitates it. Because music doesn't just consists of notes, but is a sensual experience as well, and a spiritual one -- and both levels require a careful reproduction of nuances (to my ears). Yes, but not just. Music (and music listening) has a spiritual dimension as well,...
pm sent
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