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Just found this thread and wanted to say-- Fiiiight Oooooon!! USC looks good. Better late than never.
R10 - Beethoven
Embarrassing, Sony MDR-V600. But, i used to have an awesome car stereo, MBQuart all around, very nice sound. Now i've gone off the deep end.
i'm in
I've got to have more cowbell.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ Like described in my post: it prevents me from experiencing the music holistically. Or should I say: a high reproduction quality with little flaws facilitates it. Because music doesn't just consists of notes, but is a sensual experience as well, and a spiritual one -- and both levels require a careful reproduction of nuances (to my ears). Yes, but not just. Music (and music listening) has a spiritual dimension as well,...
pm sent
fyi...somone offered to make me a new pair of R10s for around $5k-6k. all the parts can be ordered, he said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L You have the Teslas already? The Enigma sure *looks* great, but I would hate to pay for those Mercury Vapor rectifier replacements Do let us know how it goes, though. Yes, I already have some Teslas (see profile). But, no SDS yet. Coming this week .
My Enigma is coming this week and then we'll see if the magic is real. I'll be plugging in the Synergisitcs. I know Jay who did that Synergistic review and he is a great guy.
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