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Yes, now we all need three amps to drive the 009 properly...
Sorry, waiting on payment now...
Offering here my Eddie Current Balancing Act #26 which was purchased by me mid 2010 directly from EC. This is a PX4/300B model with an RK27 pot and partial silver transformer upgrade.   Reason for sale is that I have too many amps and have gone all DIY at this point.   The unit is in excellent condition, found a few minor scuffs on the paint around the amp section (pictured).  Those are very hard to see. I would say the unit is an 8/10.   The PS does buzz...
Offered here are my Sony MDR-R10s.  These have been re-cabled to balanced with a 4-pin termination.  The company who did the job was SinglePower but I have had no issues.  The cable is a bit stiff, but manageable.  It is 12 ft. long.  The stiffness of the cable probably caused the strain relief to crack near the phones (see pics).  The cable is supposedly some kind of silver, space grade stuff.   There are also a few blemishes as you can see from the...
Purchased 7-13-11, these phones are still in great shape.  They have not been used very much, maybe 50 hours or less.  I would rate them 8/10 for age.  Reason for sale: too many phones and I prefer the HD800.   Price is $840 shipped.Sold
Paid registration for myself and stv1756.
Is there still a half table left? I would bring: ECP DSHA-1 ECP L-2 HD800 LCD2.2 R10 AMARRA MODEL 4
Sent a price request to Axiss several days ago, no reply yet.  Checked with kuboten and they said it would be around 156,000 yen ($1600) to me in Los Angeles.
Damn you, I have been eyeing these for a long time, now I have to buy a pair.....off to find a Japanese friend 
My T2 is on the 2nd shelf :-)
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