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The Dynahi is absolutely amazing with the 800s and so is the GS-X mk2. I have never found the 800 to be harsh at all, love it on my DSHA as well. My friend has the L-2 and it is great on that amp as well but if I had to choose, the Dynahi wins by a pretty good margin.
I was pretty much kidding, building the T2 is a major hassle. I do have many parts for one more so I will either build it or keep the parts as backup.
The HV is an excellent amp, I have an IXYS one.
I'll build you one for $15k (:
rockin' the EL60s right now
I could definitely be wrong, the guy I bought 6 quads from said these are holland made double d getter late 50's 1st version XF4 made prior to the series restart with XF2.Trying to upload a pic but not working so far...
but, but, doesn't tissue paper protect stupid.
Purk, remember that the XF4s you have are not the typical ones that were produced after XF2s.  The XF4s you have were produced before XF2s...
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